Cafe Aoyama Collaborative

One more café opens in BeautyWorld region in addition to Nook D.I.Y Pancake, Carpenter & Cook, Udders and newly open Revelry making Lorong Kilat a hipster place as of late. Rejoice for all café hoppers! #cafehoppingsg

You might think that Cafe Aoyama Collaborative, as it name suggests is located in Japan, but oh you would be wrong. It opens its door here in Bukit Timah and yes, be expected to see a Japanese touch injected into their menu.

The cafe sports a large seating space where one can laze in for the whole afternoon with a cup of coffee/tea. Cafe Aoyama has their own blend of Hachiko blend of java and our favourite caffeinated drink is this cup of piccolo; of medium to full body and is lightly acidic with a fragrant after taste. The latte art however might needs more work though!

Teawise, the matcha latte was a winner for me. Having tasted many matcha latte from other cafes previously, most often than not many ended up either too sweet or too milky.
The matcha latte here was made from matcha powder and served with a small jug of sugar syrup so that we could tweak the balance of the sweet and bitter to our tastebuds. I would be back just for this!

For now, the menu consistly mainly of Japanese comfort food like Beef Stew, Katsudon, Katsu curry, Black pork loin and Unagi don all made upon order whipped up by Japanese chefs who have more than 10 years of experience working in a Japansese restaurant setting.

We ordered this pipping hot plate of black kurobuta pork loin curry rice at an very affordable price of $15 nett. The kurobuta pork loin has a good proportion of fats to the lean meat and I would say that it would give places like Tonkichi and Ma Maison a good run for their money. 

They also offers cakes which are outsourced from suppliers like this matcha cheesecake. The matcha cheesecake was soft on the bite, making it a good after-meal desserts.

Prices here all nett prices, yeah! Expect more items such as crepes/brunch grub food (infused with Japanese culture; eggs bene with unagi maybe?) to be in place on the menu as the cafe slowly picks up their business, said the boss in our casual chat with him.

Cafe Aoyama Collaborative
16 Chun Tin Road
1600 to 2300 (Tuesday to Sunday)
Instagram: AOYAMA.CO

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