Salty Peanuts Cafe

Newly opened on 11 Nov 2014, Salty Peanuts has established itself in the Eastern part of Singapore. Just 10 minutes walk from Tanah Merah mrt, it’s located at East Village with Sarah’s Pancake and Kookie Krumbs. Opened by Naddy and her group of friends, this new cafe mainly sells homemade gelato with coffee and waffles to go along. In the midst of branding itself as a muslim- friendly cafe, they are working towards getting halal- certified to cater more to the Muslim community out there.

Interestingly, the cafe is decorated with interesting decorations such as super heroes portraits and film cameras. Upon asking Naddy about it, she revealed that she and her group of friends are into photography and videography, that’s why it’s decorated in a cinematic format.

Clocks without the usual numbers

Ice cream flavours vary from fruit sorbets to their famous salty peanut (where they got their name from) and also other local flavours such as banana rama and bandung flavours.

Tried their waffle with a single scoop of their famous salty peanut which tasted like peanut butter and more creamy. The waffle was mediocre and not the type I favoured, so skip it if you are there.

I sort of prefer their local flavours so decided to give Bandung a try. Tasted good and rich and I would be back to try other flavours if I walked by.

Address: 430 Upper Changi Road
#01-69 East Village, Singapore
Opening hours: 12 – 10pm daily
Instagram: saltypeanutgelato

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