V360 Cafe (Jurong West)

The long infinity wait for a café to opens in the west and I meant far west (Jurong and beyond) is finally over with the opening of V360Cafe in JurongWest. Housed under the HDB, V360Cafe gives one a homely feel with its painted interior, high ceilings and dim lightings.

Picture from V360 Cafe FB page
When asked why V360Cafe is chosen as the name for the café, the chirpy staff answered that V stands for View and V360 represents a 360 degrees view. Amazingly, if you take a 360 degree panorama view in the café, the paintings on the wall would collate nicely together to form a beautiful picture on its own and is said to resemble a certain location in this world (Korea- Jeju; how come I didnt recall seeing this when I was there last year lol)

Interior of the Cafe
The menu was simple and doesn’t boast too much of items for now. Just like any café, they serve coffee from latte to affogato and if you don’t like your coffee to be plain, you can opt for flavoured latte such as vanilla, hazelnut, mango or strawberry. If you aren’t a coffee person, they have chocolate blend or artisan tea selection from the Gryphon tea company. 
Coffee or tea for you?
If you are looking for standard brunch items like eggs benedict and big breakfast, it is not available here. Instead, they do serve savoury items like classic viennoiserie sandwich, lasagne and quiche. Cakes and tarts outsourced from external bakers were on display and they also offer Belgium waffles with ice cream (seems like a staple item in almost every café these days)
Cakes, Eclairs, Tarts
Having a heavy xmas lunch earlier on, I zoomed in straight on their sweet bites. The giant neon pink raspberry macaron caught my eye (pity that the pistachio flavour went OOS) and upon recommendation of the staff, I ordered a decadent chocolate caramel cake to go with my robust cup of flat white which is ordered off the menu. The moist cake was overpowered with the dark chocolate with little depth of caramel flavour, but I have no complains since I am a fan of dark chocolate. 

Top Shot 

Now for the highlight: Giant Raspberry Macaron – two light and crisp cookie shells sandwiching raspberry jam – it is the ultimate indulgence for dessert lovers. More often than not, giant macarons are throwned off proportion, leaving the centre cookie gummy and outermost ring over-baked but this is not the case here, the ratio is just right. The jam filling might be a little stingy here but at the cost of $2.50, its a steal. Better more if you get a set of 4 (chocolate, pistachio, raspberry and salted caramel) as it costs $8. 

The gorgeous macaron

[Revisit on 11 Jan 2015]
On a second visit, we tried their lemon ginger mint tea which is rather refreshing and the ginger taste was neither too overpowering or spicy, perfect on a rainy day if coffee is not your cup of tea.

lemon ginger mint tea from Gyrphon

We also tried their belgium waffles with two scoops of ice-cream (dark chocolate and salted caramel) at $8.90! The ice cream surprised us as it does not melt too fast and has sure withstood the test of time/sun (food photography) Belgium waffles tasted more like a cake-light doughy pastries, would been best if it was only made upon ordering.

Ice cream withstood the test of sun (shot taken outside the cafe)
Latte, tea or ice cream?

V360Cafe is more of a family cafe than a hipster one. I like the idea that they have a loyalty card to reward returning customers. Their menu might need a bit more of diversification and given that most of their sweet bites are outsourced externally from bakers, chances of out-of-stock cakes/macarons would be high if there’s a sudden crowd surge. Westies would definitely be excited at the opening of this cafe and can skip heading to the crowd-swarmed Westgate or Jurongpoint for their caffeine fix. #cafehoppingsg #sgcafe 

V360 Cafe

Address: Block 526 Jurong West Street 52 #01-321
Opening Hours: 11am to 930pm, extended hours on weekends
Website: http://v360cafe.wix.com/v360cafe

 Instagram: V360cafe

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