Bell’s Cottage Cafe

Yet another new café in the west? Well it is… , Bell’s Cottage Café have replaced the defunct Molly Coddle Café (Clementi) They still have another café in Jalan Besar if you heart MollyCoddle.  The entire interior and layout of the café was shaped into that of a cosy cottage. Quite fairytale-ish inside here!
Interior Wall – Hanging Polaroids

Counter Front : Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends

Over here, they have the in-house cottage burgers/waffles/croissant (savoury : choices of egg mayo, tuna, ham and cheese) or sweet (gelato ice cream and CHURROS). To be honest, churros was the one thing that caught my eye prior to visiting the café and I know I had to have that as it looks really good. Having that said, looks are deceiving though, you never know if you never try.. so I headed down on a weekday evening.

Gelato selection

Since there’s an opening promotion of $8 for cottage burger (single scoop), I ended up ordering the charcoal burger with two scoops of premium gelato (pistachio and green tea latto) served with churros as sides. When the burger was served, the fresh aroma of the churros stole its limelights. Despite spending some time for foodphotography, the churros which are of the thick kind remained light and crispy with a gentle dust of sugar. Although it is pretty much enjoyable enough on its own, I was slightly disappointed as maple syrup/chocolate sauce was not served alongside with it but requires additional top up as add-on (only to learn about it later).

Top shot


The gelato here are smooth, but lacking a little in the WOW factor (Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar pretty much sets the high standards for ice cream this year) Pistachio though evident in the form of its nutty flavour, could have been better had there been pistachio bits to give it a crunchy texture. Green tea latto had a good balance of bitter and sweet but the intensity of the green tea could have gone a step or two higher. I am a green tea maniac!

Given its close proximity to NUS, Singapore Poly and even SIM, Bell’s Cottage Café could be your choice (with seats-in) to settle for a quick churro craving fix. [p.s. Churrosity at Holland Village is the next closest place (take-away though) to go for churro fix]
Address: 354 Clementi Avenue 2 #01-233 S(120354)

Opening Hours: Daily (Call them at 67793138 to confirm)

Instagram: bellscottagecafe

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