Chinese New Year: TAO Seafood Asia’s Yaorawat Creations

Tao Seafood Asia specializes in its unique Thai-Teochew Yaorawat seafood delicacies. If you are familiar with Bangkok, you might have heard about Yaorawat [ถนนเยาวราช] (a.k.a. Bangkok’s Chinatown) where tourists flock to for cheap birdnest. It is one of the better-known street food destination and the local favorite dining district.

And specially for this coming Lunar New Year, it serves some of the CNY classics with a Yaorawat spin to usher in the year of the goat.

TAO supreme Prosperity Yusheng (Lou Hei a.k.a raw fish salad) One could spot not only the greens, nuts, seafood, but also FRUITS. (mango, strawberry and blueberry) Additionally, peanuts and dried fish skins which are favorites of Thai is part of the beautiful plated yu-sheng. I like particularly, the addition of mango (where else but Thailand to find the best mango right?) to the Yu-Sheng as it packs a sweet-sour yet zesty punch that perks up my appetite for the remaining dishes.
The beautiful plated Yusheng

This is priced at $128++ and serves good up to 10 guest.

Deep Fried Fish Skin with Salted egg sauce- $10++
There was nothing but praises from everyone upon first bite. Each fish skin fried to golden brown was coated uniformly with salted egg sauce. A simple dish executed perfectly. I guess this phrase is most apt than anything in describing this dish: The simplest things in life gives the greatest pleasures!

The crispy golden fish skin!

Yaorawat Pen Cai – What sets Tao’s Pen Cai to be different from others is the thick gravy soup and its spongy Thai fish maw all the way from Yaorawat. Personally, the premium sea cucumber is worth a mention as it was so soft and succulent, soaked of the noble gravy. Not to be forgotten is the housemade Tao’s special green chilli blend that seems to go so well with the Pen Cai and even all other dishes. This special Yaorawat-style green chilli unparalleled spiciness would probably bring out the spice girl in you but its oh-so-addictive that you would not stop dipping the fish maw or roasted pork in it despite the burning sensation you would feel on your tongue!

This is priced at $318++ for 6 guests and $488+ for 10 guests and 2 day advance reservation is required.

Golden Soon Hock with Mango Slices. – The Soon Hock fish, a staple for Teochews during CNY, was deep fried to a golden crisp before the showering of Tao’s specially concocted fruity sauce and mango slices. Very Thai touch to it! The mango work its magic in this dish as well and it was a wonderful marriage of the fish and the mango made possible by the skillful hands of TAO culinary chefs.

Soon Hock Fish

TAO Thai-Teochew Curry Crab – Definitely not to be missed. It was not spicy, more of leaning towards the sweeter side and the curry sauce was very fragrant, enhancing the freshness of the wok-fried crab. And, it goes super well with fried mantous. How could anyone resist this dish right! The crabs each at least weighing a heft kilogram was simmered over slow fire and doused in the curry potion which the chef concocted. Not to forget, the green chilli blend goes on well with the crab to escalate the spicy level for spicy lovers!
This is priced at $6++ per 100 grams.

TAo Thai Curry CRABB


Sauteed Sea Prawn with Macademia Nuts

 TAO Seafood Asia delivers a thai twist to your usual CNY menu with the infusion of thai sauces and Thailand-flown ingredients in their dishes. Their CNY creations are available from 3 February to 5 March 2015 and guests can call the restaurant at 68449969 to place pre-orders for take-aways or reservations for dine-in.

Pretty Interior of Tao (Picture from Tao Seafood Asia Facebook Page)


Address: 12 Marina View
Asia Square Tower 2 #02-10 Singapore 018961
Opening Hours: 1130 – 1430 and 1800 – 2200
Instagram: taoseafoodasia

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