The Laneway Market

We decided to head down to Laneway Market for brunch on a Saturday sometime back, located along Tanjong Katong Road stretch. The café is well lit; decorated with flowers and sits around 30,there is also a big communal table for large groups. yay!
Behind Bee Cheng Hiang
Café Interior
And so the 4 of us sat at the big communal table (good lightings and nice brown wooden table) when we arrived at 1030 and ordered:

Sea Salt Ice Chocolate, Flat white – coffee is more on the milky side and the sea salt ice chocolate comes with a slight tinge of saltiness. So yes, sweet and salty sensation. Why not give it a try if you are here?

sea salt chocolate
French Toast ($15) – which comes with baked beans, bacon and green veggies and maple syrup. While we loved how eggy and soft the brioche was, the addition of baked beans to the dish was somewhat a unusual. For the price that we are paying for, they could have replaced it with other item instead of baked beans which is readily available from canned food.

Unique French Toast

Thick Pancake, berry butter and berries ($14) – this dish was very beautifully plated and pancake was fluffy but a little dry, so do go more generous on their maple syrup. I personally quite like the berry butter when lathered on the pancake.

Pancake with berries

Nacho Chickens, basically just cheese, chicken and nachos ($10)! This caught our eye on the menu as it is a twist from the usual café norms like mac and cheese (it was oh-so-good). Tortilla chips, bite-size chicken chunks and cheese were tossed and served with homemade Bolognese dip sauce.


Pulled Pork Burger with truffle fries ($19) – only available from 12-3pm and 5-9pm daily. We were lucky to order from their lunch menu ahead of 12pm, courtesy of the awesome service of the staff there. Pulled pork marinated in beer infused sauce was juicy and tasty. The fresh greens with citrusy dressing coupled with lilac purple coleslaw which was visually appealing and palatable definitely complements the pulled-pork burger well. Our only rant would be that the burger bun could be perhaps heated to give it a crusty texture. On hindsight, the pulled-pork burger here really resembles the one I had in BKK Roast, or I dare say, even better!

In all, we felt that the food at Laneway Market was above average and we really loved the friendly service and of course, the joy of having the communal table to ourselves for the entire time there. They seem to have a second storey currently in the works now and we would definitely be back to check out their Desserts and new revamped menu in the coming weeks!

Awesome food here!

Address: 266 Tanjong Katong Road
Opening Hours: 0900 – 2130
Instagram: thelanewaymarket

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