Chinese New Year: Quayside Seafood Restaurant

Quayside Seafood welcomes the year of sheep with fresh quality ocean picks and diners can delight in the ala-carte dishes or reunion set. Located along the bank of Singapore River, Quayside seafood makes a perfect place to enjoy the night breeze and while overlooking the Singapore River as you indulge in the ocean delights.

Overlooking Singapore River

Snap this while waiting

First up on the CNY Golden Trove Menu, we have:

Some appetizers; Fried Taro Sticks and Cucumber with thai chilli sauce, these light bites came in good to fill my slightly famished stomachs as I had an early lunch that day. Taro stick was very addictive and we wiped out the plate in just minutes!

Taro Sticks


“Prosperous” Deep-fried Air-flown Australian Fresh Oysters in Cantonese “Bi Fung Tang” Style which means anchored and safe at bay. The oysters were deep-fried and sprinkled with cut red chilli and spring onion. I was lucky to enjoy two pieces since one of the dining partner who don’t take oyster gladly offered his piece to me! Deep fried isn’t that healthy but who cares since the oysters really pack a perfect punch! This is priced at $58.80 and serves good up to 6 pax.

“Prosperity and Completeness” Pan seared Healthy Pipa Tofu with fresh crabmeat and diced prawn with finely diced mushroom and minced waterchestnut – $68.80. It was love at first bite as it was almost equivalent to that of eating hei zor (atas one). So if you love hei zor, I bet you would love this dish!

“Toss to longevity, Tuimphant harvest and joyous contentment” “Lou Hei” yu-sheng. This is yet another beautifully plated lobster yu-sheng with fresh tuna and crisp shredded radish. I didn’t stop at one serving of it but two servings as it was that good!

“Completeness & overflowing wealth” Pen-cai. This festive pot might be the most opulent one I have seen this CNY, it comes with an entire lobster, 10 head abalone, chicken, Alaskan crab claws, king prawns, south African sea cucumber, fresh whole scallop, whole shiitake mushrooms, taro, tender wawa vegetables and dried oysters. It is savoury decadence in a pot! This premium pot package is priced at $328.80 and serves up to 6 diners. (Additional diners at $53 each).

“A wealth of Good Fortune” Baked Rack of Lamb (grass-fed) Marinated for 1 hour with garlic, spring onion, coriander, honey and Japanese Shoyu seasoning sauce, it is pan seared for 30 seconds on each side to seal the marinated flavor. The lamb rack was not overly hard and I like how it is seasoned with truffle oil and the thin strips of fried yam stick that came along with it, so crispy and addictive! It is one another of the most liked dish of the night!
“Prosperity All Year Round” Baked Turbot Fish with whole garlic in claypot. Fish is often held in high regards in the CNY season as it represent wealth and abundance of luck. The fish has a sweet and firm texture and was doused with roasted garlic and garnished with chives to intensify its overall taste.

“Harmonious” claypot prawns with crystal rice vermicelli. The auspicious al dente crystal rice vermicelli is fried in premium oyster and fresh garlic to welcome longevity! Every strand of the tanghoon is soaked with the garlicky gravy, very moist and wet and is one of favourite dish of the night.

Tang Hoon!

Set menu prices start at $98 for 2 diners, $298 for 4 diners, $438 for 6 diners and $598 for 10 diners! So, faster book a table for this year CNY reunion at this alfresco seafood restaurant.

Thank you for having us, Quayside Seafood!

Address: BLk 3A Clark Quay Singapore 179021
Opening Hours: 3pm to 12am Sunday to Thursday; 3pm to 1 am Friday to Saturday

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