Chinese New Year: Royal Pavilion

Known for its new-world Cantonese delicacies and classic dishes, Royal Pavilion ups the culinary ante with its first selection of CNY creations. We were lucky to indulge in the premium festives from Royal Pavilion, located with Park Regis Hotel.

What is CNY without louhei and with that, we kickstarted the night with:

Royal Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng, the yusheng was served in the auspicious art form of a fish the unique condiments in the likes of ground cinnamon powder and 5 spice Chinese powder and the brand’s fruit apple-plum sauce certainly throws in more flavor than what a typical yusheng would taste. I particularly like the fruity apple-plum sauce which is sour-sweet and hence every bite of the yusheng is with a tinge of tangy zest. This Yu Sheng is priced at $68++ for small serving (4 to 6 pax) and $88++ for large servings (6 to 8 guests) and one day advance order is required.

Braised 4 –Head South African Abalone in Superior Pumpkin Broth- laid atop freshly made bean curd and a bed of blanched spinach, the abalone heraids the Cantonese style of braising that tenderizes it and enriches the flavoursome texture of abalone with a sweet aftertaste. The pumpkin broth is smooth and flavourful and complements the prized seafood really well that we were left craving for more of the broth! This is priced at $68++ per serving and one day advance is required.
4-Head Abalone
 Royal (fried) Lamb Shank priced at $48++ per serving

In tune with the year of the goat, this royal fried lamb skank, after a long process of (boil-marinate and deep-fry), came served on a marble slab. We later learnt that the lamb would be served as wrap, just like the way we would eat Peking Duck. The meat is wrapped in paper-thin pancakes and eaten with sliced spring onion, hoisin sauce coriander and fermented beancurd! The meat was moist and tender all thanks to the long cooking process of boiling, marinating and lastly, deep-frying! My partner, who doesn’t really take lamb could not stop at two wraps but ended up with four!

Royal Fried Lamb Shank
Lamb Wrap

My echoes for Peking duck seem to be answered when the next dish was served! Not in the form of Peking Duck but Royal Smoked Duck which is voted one of the top 10 dishes of 2014.
Royal Smoked Duck with Lychee-wood and Leaves ($35 for half duck and $68 for full duck)
This has got to be the most impressive roast duck I ever had. The duck has a smoky flavour from lychee-wood and the plum paste serves as the best companion for the dish. The meat was tender and juicy with glistening crispy skin. This is hands down my favourite dish at the tasting and I had more slices than I should. Greedy I definitely am, but I kid you not, this is really that good that I wish I could have a plate just to myself! nom nom nom

Royal Smoked Duck

And lastly, we have desserts to end off the night:

Sweet Potato, Taro and Pumpkin

Chinese glutinous rice cake

Royal Pavilion Cantonese Restaurant is not only classy and elegant with comfortable chairs, its Chinese New Year Menu impresses with its elegant touchmark of fine Cantonese cuisine, and yes to that Royal Smoked Duck; I am drooling at this instance, I kid you not! I could not emphasize more how delish that was !!

The Chinese New Year creations at Royal Pavilion are available from today to 5 March 2015. Prices start from $5.80++ for ala carte dine-in and $18+ for takeaways.

Thank you for having us, Royal Pavilion Group for the good food and warm hospitality!

Level 1, Park Regis Singapore
23 Merchant Road
Singapore 058268
Tel: +658188851

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 1130- 1430 & 1830 – 2230

Instagram: royalpaviliongroup

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