Paddy Hills Cafe

Paddy Hills took over the famous South Buona Braised Duck Rice and today marks their second day of operation.

A step into the café and we were greeted to the strong fragrance of coffeebeans The setting of the café was rather impressive, with a coffee counter with bar seats, cosy corners for couples and a communal table for large groups. The place transform from a café in the day to a restaurant at night and it boasts a large menu (different menus for day and night) wow, and it’s not just a change-over of 4 or 5 items but entire menu of close to 20 items. Impressive it sounds isn’t it?
Some drinks to quench the thirst on a hot sunny day: Taste like purple $7 and yuzu effervescence $7. These quenchers are refreshing and instant coolers on a hot day. Alternatively, there’s coffee or milkshake to choose from.
I guess we were lucky to come in the day as we get to enjoy both breakfast and lunch items. From the breakfast menu, there’s the standard big breakfast, French toast, pancake but all with a slight twist.
We started off the long hours of feasting from: some sides from the day menu (0830 – 1730).
Cauliflowers Fritters ($12) – at first glance, I thought it looked pretty normal just like what my mum could whipped up at home. But the bomb is the masala yoghurt that comes with it. The tangy masala and the slight sour yoghurt really opens up one’s appetite.
Toasted Rice Cake ($15) – who would have thought that korean rice cake could be toasted? While I like how the rice cake retains it crispy texture outside and soft within, my subsequent pieces tasted a little hard, perhaps after prolonged exposure. So my suggestion is to order this dish for sharing, and eat it while hot!

Golden Mantou Sliders – $23 Put simple, this is mantou with beef patty sandwiched within, with purple sweet potato fries. I really love the thin strips of sweet potato fries. These strips of sweet potato fries were hand-sliced and fried upon order. They were just nicely fried, as overfrying it would result in burnt fries. Really crunchy and addictive, a change from the golden yellow usual fries we see to a beautiful purple shade.


We also had the truffle fries, which could hardly go wrong. Truffle taste was distinct.


We had Beetroot Carpaccio – $18 beetroot was crunchy and the soft silky tofu added contrasting texture to the overall dish. Furthermore, not only was it beautifully plated with vibrant purple of the beetroot, orange from the carrot and green from the cucumber, it’s also a vegetarian dish! Definitely a delight for vegetarian eaters!

Big Breakfast – $24 Egg was done 63 degree for us, and the one item that had my eyes lit up immediately was the bacon steaks!! Isnt that Kong Ba? The one you typically see in Teochew restaurant with steamed man tou. Yet, it has found its place in the Big Breakfast at Paddy Hills. The glistening homemade bacon steak was juicy but would have been better if more tender.

Kimchi Fried Rice with souv vide eggs – $20 Quite a surprising find on the menu as fried rice is a traditionally Asian dish. And since one of the staff recommended it, we decided to follow and order it to try. Its pretty amazing that the fried rice comes with the wok hei flavor (wow wow, can open zi char shop liao leh). The kimchi flavor could have been more intense and well-mixed with fried rice instead. The hanger steak was done to perfection so dope!
Potato & Fish – $22. If you are thinking of fish and chips here (you might think that since fried rice could be found here, what could not be?), you are half right. They don’t exactly have fish and chips but sea bass and rosti. The highlight of the dish is the rosti, it is finely sliced and is very crunchy as compared to the ones in Marche. One of my personal favourite dish here.

Hash Hash – $22 roasted baby potatoes with sauteed mushrooms and beef shank polenta chips. Sauteed mushrooms were really good in this dish!!

Squid Ink Tagliatelle with seared scallops, mentaiko, ikura and tobiko ($23) Pasta are made fresh in house. And my friend who is not really a pasta lover, says he would not mind coming back PaddyHills just for this again! Also my favourite item in the lunch menu.
Quesadillas – $18 Pulled Pork here was juicy and the homemade bbq sauce really gives it an extra punch.
For desserts, there are three choices and they are all equally good and if I have to make a pick out of the 3, the orange ricotta pillow would be my first choice and the other two tied for second!
Berry Ricotta Hotcake ($19) – Most pretty looking among the three. If you are a berry person, go for this!
Orange Ricotta Pillows ($18) – melt in da mouth to die for fluffiest ever pancake paired with coconut ice cream. Yes, all my favourite and it was that fluffy we all echoed upon the first bite. I KID YOU NOT.
The Asian Brick ($18) –brioche french toast with yam ice cream, purple sweet potato anddd goreng pisangs? Wow, it is another unique twist to your normal french toast with caramelised bananas and maple syrup. No-wonder it is named the asian brick! Brioche could be fluffier and sweet potato boiled to softness, that would be perfect.

All in all, there are hit and misses in the food but a bit of fine-tuning would probably works well. We definitely loved the ambience of it and did I forget to say there is a large mural wall outside of the café. I foresee it being a hotspot for hipsters to take OOTD after having meals in this promising café!

Thinking of coffee already?
Address: 38 South Buona Vista Road Singapore 118164
Opening Hours: 0830 – 2230
Nearest MRT: Haw Par Villa, Take bus 200, 3 stops.

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