Wildfire Kitchen + Bar

Taking over the previous space left by Hatched is Wildfire Kitchen + Bar where it is more of a casual self-serve restaurant. No More EGGporn but here comes BURGERporn as it offers gourmet burgers, brunch, char-grilled steaks, coffee and even craft beer in bottle and 3 beers on tap (Hitachino, Rogue and Proper Job)
To be honest, what entices me to come on a weekday afternoon is more because of their launch of the brunch menu. Lol it’s ironic I know but the trend these day is all about café, café-hopping and brunches isn’t it?
We decided on ordering a burger and two brunch items (one sweet, one savoury) to share. It did not take too long for our buzzer to sound out as it is slightly after lunch-hour that we arrive at 130pm.

Here’s their menu (courtesy from their FB page):

Brunch Menu


The Classic Burger ($16) – A 120 Day grain-fed beef patty with butterhead lettuce, sliced tomatoes, beer caramelised onions, cheddar cheese and signature mustard sauce. The size of the burger was decent considering its price and it being the most basic one on offer, I bet the others would look like some towering burgers. The wagyu patty is more on the lean side and thus slightly drier and bland on its own but the melted cheese definitely hits the right spot. The part I like best about the burger is the bun. The buns are soft and spongy on the inside while beautifully crisped on the edges. The burger comes with side of fries which taste good although it has turned cold.

Crunchy Brioche French Toast ($16) – Thick soft brioche rolled in crushed cornflakes and topped with blueberries, strawberries honey roasted walnuts and maple Chantilly cream. I admitted to ordering this as it looks to be the most visually appealing to me. And we were pretty quite blown away when we took the first bite. The fluffy brioche was soft while the crunchy crushed cornflakes/roasted walnuts added alternating textures to each bite. This remains as my favourite dish among the 3 which we ordered.


Breakfast Omelette ($13) – Classic Omelette with mushrooms, ham and feta cheese served with  tater tots (deep fried grated potatoes), salad and toasted sourdough bread. Now I realized that sourdough bread is missing in the plate that they served us. The overall appearance looks pretty unappealing as the ham and mushroom were hiding within the omelette. Turns out to be pretty delectable and ends up being the first plate that we wiped clean. 好吃不好看


Wildfire offers not only burgers, brunch, beer (6-8pm happy hours) but also desserts: ice cream cookies from cookies & co ($6). Wished the patty was more seasoned and flavoured and that would sit it perfectly sandwiched in those SOFT buns. I love big buns and I cannot lie~ especially SOFT ones LOL!

To get to the place, it is rather inaccessible or ‘ulu’ as you have to walk approximately (1 km) from the nearest Botanics MRT under the sweltering hot sun. Good to know that Assembly Coffee is just next doors, their waffles with ice cream has been raved to be among the top in Singapore. So, kill two birds with one stone at a go!



Address: 26 Evans Roads, Singapore 259367
Opening Hours: 830am to 1030pm; brunch served till 4pm daily
Instagram: wildfire.kitchenbar


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