Ponggol Nasi Lemak

What’s the food that you will miss when you are on a long overseas trip away from home? I am not sure about you but I just want for a plate of fragrant nasi lemak with a side of the sambal chilli.
Nasi lemak lovers like me will be delighted to learn that Ponggol Nasi Lemak has opened a third outlet located in a two storey shophouse along Jalan Besar Road. I like that it is air-conditioned and is more spacious than the other two outlets at Tanjong Katong and Upper Serangoon. The restaurant has a fast-food style concept, modern furnishings and unique menu specialties.
In conjunction with its 35th year, this outlet also offers 7 NEW premium house specialities to add in more varieties.


First up, we have the crispy chicken skin with curry leaves – $1.50 per serving and $4.70 per tub. Fat is removed from under the skin before tripled fried to ensure crispiness and tossed with kicap manis (Indonesian sweet sauce), black pepper and curry leaves. This is simply too addictive but might be slight spicy, shiokness!

Grilled Japanese Squid with kicap manis – $7.50 per piece if you are in the mood for some non-fried house specialities.


Crispy battered whole prawn/ Crispy Battered Fish Fillet – $3.80 for two pieces. This is my favourite dish among all their house specialities which I have tried. Live prawns and  fresh leather jacket fish fillet battered and fried to crisp perfection, doused it with their aioli dip for an extra zesty punch. The batter was neither too oily nor thick, even better than the ones you could get from Long John or Manhattan’s.

Signature Ngoh Hiang- $1.50 per piece. The essential ingredients like minced pork, water chestnuts and chives with five spice powder are wrapped in beancurd skin and fried. I really like their fried items on offer and perhaps the addition of prawn in the ngoh hiang could add a different dimension to overall taste.

And of course not forgetting what they are famous for: NASI LEMAK!!

The sambal (fried chilli paste/ hae bee hiam) goes particularly well with the rice rich in coconut milk flavour at which the best Thai Hom Mali grain is used for its perfect texture. I really liked the sambal; robust in flavours and I could just have it with the plain rice alone! My favourite ingredients are eggs, otah, chicken wing and sambal long bean and acar where it tanginess cut through the richness of the rice. Feeling hot from an overdose of the chilli, fret not as this refreshing cup of homemade hibiscus ice tea helps to cool you down and help with digestion and blood circulation.


And if a cup of hibiscus drink is not enough bring down the heat in you, there’s a bonus option of having their homemade ice cream and sorbet at $2.50 per cup. Flavours available include Raspberry Mango, Lemongrass Lime, Pink Guava, Kyoho Grape, Passion Fruit, Blood Orange, Horlicks, Milo and Peanut Butter Milk. I personally like the refreshing kyoho grape and the creamy nutty texture of peanut butter milk!
Nasi lemak is enjoyable at any other time of the day and this new outlet offers not only a new look but also a new twist to the traditional nasi lemak. And my tip is: zoom in for the crispy battered fish and prawns!
Address: 371 Jalan Besar, #01-01, Singapore 208998
Opening Hours: 12pm-11pm daily, closed today.
Instagram: ponggolnasilemak

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