Nest Tea Bar

Are you Coffee or TEA?
Tea lovers would rejoice at the opening of Nest Tea Bar located along South Bridge Road. The interior of Nest Tea Bar is beautiful with vintage chairs and furniture, providing a modern and quiet setting for patrons to enjoy and immersed in their tea experience while admiring its chic interior.
Given that Nest Tea Bar is a tea-centric café, it is no surprise that there isn’t a coffee machine here. Grab your coffee from Sarnies or Department of Caffeine nearby if you need. The menu is simplistic with a choice of either tea-tails (tea based cocktails and no it doesn’t get you drunk) or Hot brew Tea.
I am more of a coffee person so I knew little about tea other than the English breakfast, earl grey and chamomile tea. We went ahead with the staff recommendation of their cold-infused tea: pandan chiffon and blissful berries. I prefer the latter as the sparkling tea tasted light and refreshing on a hot day. The pandan chiffon cold brew fell short of expectation as it tasted more like drinking Chinese tea on itself and the pandan leave, other than its fragrance, seem to be just for display.
Sparkling blissful berries
Pandan Chiffon Cold Brew
The staffs are friendly and happy to talk to you about tea and guide you in direction of teas that best suit your palate. To accompany the tea drinking, they do offer small selection of cakes outsourced and a slice of malay kuih with any purchase of tea during their soft launch period now. (while stock last). 
Overall, the concept of a tea bar is rather novel and serves as an alternative for tea lovers in the café-densed Chinatown/Telok-Ayer region. My experience at Nest Tea Bar was a slight disappointment, perhaps since it is still in soft launch phase. Hits and misses as the Pandan chiffon failed to impress and nothing spectacular considering its price of $5.90.  
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Address: 265 South Bridge Road
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm
Instagram: nestteabar

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