Chir Chir

If you have watched the popular K drama “man who came from the Stars”, this concept of Korean fried chicken and beer should not sound new right? Cheon Song-Yi’s love for chimaekhas definitely sparked off a chimaek craze, would it be your next destiny?
Chir Chir 치르치르 originated from Korea sets foot in Singapore @ 313 Somerset, much to the delights of Chi-maek fans!! Chir Chir (pronounced chi-ruh chi-ruh) embodies the chi-maek culture that represents the chi from chicken and maek from maekju for beer.
We had two salads to kick off the night with.
Honey Grape Salad ($18.90) The seedless green grapes was sweet and it comes with walnuts, pine nuts and almonds with dollops of house-made ricotta and whipped cream. What I liked most is the crispy baked sweet yet savory tortilla by the side. This certainly makes a perfect appetizer or dessert!

Mango Salad ($11.90) of mixed greens topped with mangoes, blueberry and tangy yogurt dressing. Is a more fruity option. This pales slightly in comparison  to the honey grape salad while relatively cheaper.

Chir Chir signature fried chicken is available in Crispy, Garlicky or Spicy and can be enjoyed whole, wings only or as boneless tenders. We have the crispy fried chicken ($26.90). The chicken used was fresh and sauces were imported from Korea to ensure consistency in flavour across Chir Chir’s outlets worldwide. The skin was crispy and the meat was tender-fresh, what makes this dish remarkable is that it is not oily at all. I personally like the chicken with the sweet and tangy honey mustard sauce.


Garlicky Chicken / Spicy Chicken Wings ($28.90 for 7 pieces) The garlicky soy chicken smells exceptionally good as it comes with crunchy garlic flakes which makes the whole dish addictive. But I heart the spicy one more as they were lip-burning good, now these really live up to their names of ‘SPICY’. I guess anything spicy is a weakness for me and the sweet spicy chill evenly coated over the sweet potato cubes and fried toppoki packs hell-of-a-punch! 맛있어요~~


If you are a cheese and whipped cream lover, the NEST SNOW ($32.90) does not disappoints, I kid you not that this will send you into a food coma. This dish is the most popular here and I can understand why. Spicy Cajun chicken tenders on a bed of Korean sweet potato puree in cream sauce with a swirl of freshly whipped cream and shavings of parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar make us go WOW when presented. While I find the soup a little too creamy, I really enjoyed this dish still as all my favorites such as CHEESE, chicken and sweet potato are mixed in a hot plate of cheesy cream sauce.


We also had spicy BBQ roasted chicken where the marinated chickens were pan-fried such that it is evenly coated with sauce and accompanied with salsa, whole salt-baked egg and fluffy baked potato with sour cream to make it a hearty dish.

And of course, we had Maek – Chir Chir Cream Beer [$13.80 (350ml); $18.90 (650ml)] to pair with the fried chicken. This concoction comprises of draught beer topped with freshly whipped cream, the perfect combination for a chill-out session after work!

Alternatively, to complement the slew of fried and roasted chicken, there’s thirst quenchers such as Tok! Tok (non-lacoholic $14.90 | alchoholic $18.90 a jug) – infusion of soju with mocktails.

My usual haunt for Chimaek is ChooChooChickenbut the Nest Snow and Honey Grape Salad might just entice me over the next time as it is more spacious for large groups since the portions are generous and best for sharing! 대박!!
Thanks SixthSense Comms, Rachel and ChirChir for the invite! Follow me and more of my foodie escapades on Instagram @ lancetaey
Address: #B3-04/05/06 313@Somerset
Opening Hours: Sun to Thu, 10am – 10pm (last orders at 930 pm); Fri to Sat, 10am – 11pm (last orders at 1030pm)
Instagram: chirchirsg

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