Flock Cafe at Ghim Moh – The Place to Get Pork Dishes

Will people start flocking towards Flock 2nd outlet at Flock Ghim Moh? The pork dishes offered there would probably attract the hipsters.

The first outlet of Flock Cafe had been around for more than 2 years, right when the cafe wave started in Singapore. The intention to open a second outlet was to offer a more diversified menu to the changing cafe culture.

The interior was clean with natural lighting that we liked. No more uses of flash, torchlight and hand phon LED light just to get a perfect lighting.

We loved the menu hanging at the front of the cafe. A chalkboard drawn from scratch. Very modern, very hip, and reminded me of my days in school listening to boring lessons. Ahem…

The Cheeky Eggs ($14) was the first item on the board. It was highly recommended by the staff and I did have my reservation initially, afterall it’s Eggs Benedict.

It turned out to be a pleasant surprise with a crispy edge toasted brioche that blended well with the handpulled braised pork.
The pork was tender and flavourful and the poached eggs flowed. It’s cheeky, looked pretty ordinary but playfully interesting.

We also ordered the Pork Cheek Rigatoni ($14) and my friends did not approve since we had already ordered the Cheeky Eggs.

Still as impressive, I thought. Their pork dishes were well executed, that we didn’t regret having 2 pork dishes in one setting.

What caught our attention was this Nyonya Fish Patty Sandwich ($15.90) since we don’t mind traditional Nyonya dish in a cafe setting.

The portion was huge, well infused flavours in the fish patty, similar to a fish cake texture that was chewy. The Nyonya taste was pretty acquired, if you like it, you will.

The flat white and latte ($5 each) offered here were made using Liberty Coffee blends, medium body, with low acidic tone.

Cakes were outsourced externally from external bakers and Patisserie G. We loved the Carrot Cake which was moist and not overly sweet.

Flock at Ghim Moh proved to be in touch with the current trends even though they had been around since the start of the cafe bandwagon. The innovative menu that incorporated current food trend is definitely interesting to attract cafehoppers to pay them a visit at their new outlet.

Thank You Flock Ghim Moh for the invitation.

Flock Ghim Moh
Location: 21 Ghim Moh Road, #01-213
Opening hours: 9am – 6pm (Tue-Sun), Closed Mon
Instagram: Flock_sg

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