Skinny Salads

The good old folks of Skinny Pizza has opened Skinny Salad which serves fresh salad, grilled wraps and vitamin packed juices. Skinny Salad has injected the fun factor by adopting a “Master Chef” concept where their menu will be regularly crafted by culinary talents curated from around the world.

Kick-starting the menu is Celebrity Chef Philip Davenport of Toque 12 TV show fame. Components of each salad was thoughtfully selected to offer salubrious creations that suits all palates. Among the salads, the ones that stand out for us is: Seared Tuna & radicchio and Roasted Roots & Goat Cheese.


Seared Tuna & Radicchio ($13.50) which comprises of seared tuna, quail eggs, broken chat potatoes, red onion jam, cos lettuce and basil dressing. All my favourites in a bowl of crisp greens, it is hard not to fall in love with it. Heheh.

Roasted Roots & Goat Cheese ($11.50) which comprises a variety of root vegetables (baby beetroots, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato and goat cheese). The addition of seeds (pumpkin, sunflower) and pine nuts offers alternating texture on each bite. Top it up with $3 for roast chicken for a heartier bowl of salad.


For the more adventurous of you, you could go for the Kale & Quinoa or the Fermented Cabbage Yuzu.

Other than the salads, they have salads in the form of wraps (tomato or spinach) where it is wrapped smugly in a soft flour tortilla before panini-ed to perfection. The master stock pork belly and roasted pumpkin wrap (each $8.50) was the much preferred ones among the table of us. The tender-braised pork mixed with kimchi aioli and Vietnamese salad – a remarkable fusion of Korean Vietnamese cuisine & the roasted pumpkin with the caramelized onion gives it the extra oomph and sweetness that makes it irresistible for me. I could have ate two of it given its rather “skinny” size as compared to wraps offered by other salad chains.

11098335_829786657100404_1095863879_n (2)

Desserts at Skinny Salad comes in the form of refreshing freshly juiced fruits and vegetables priced at $5. The bottles are all named and this particular one named “Pick Me Up – beetroot, apple and mint” It is hard not to pick it up as the purplish red color seems the most appealing, well, to me at least.


I like generally like that their menu is like a trot around the globe with Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japan and even Europe-inspired flavours. There is also the element of surprise depending on the chef. Now who says, eating clean is still boring and bland?


Address: 100AM, #01-03, 100 Tras Street, S079027

Opening Hours: 8am to 8pm daily

Facebook: Skinny Salads

Instagram: Skinny Salads


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