CHILL and relAX at Chillax Cafe

Thinking of somewhere to chillax, where else could be more apt than Chillax Café? It goes without saying that you would chill your night here with some beer for some post-work party or after an extremely bad day. (I hope that it’s not the latter)

Chillax café’s décor gives a nostalgia yet homely feel with the high ceilings and antique furniture, one where you could enjoy brunch and laze there for hours if the mighty sun is merciful enough. Yes, you did not hear me wrong. BRUNCH is now offered at Chillax Café every weekend from 11am to 3pm. We got to try out several items from Chillax Café’s brunch menu such as the pork burger and ADULT milo Godzilla. I guess it’s not too hard to guess why it is an Adult version right?

From the Brunch Menu: Marmite mustard pork burger ($17)

cc5 Minced pork patty with sweet caramelised banana & purple slaw sandwiched between two soft buns brioche. The sweetness of the banana complemented well with the juicy patty while the purple slaw was a little too dry for me. Breakfast at Tiffany’s ($16) IMG-20150519-WA0008   cc3 Poached egg benedict with parma ham and yuzu hollandaise sauce. It’s hard to go wrong with this! Adult Milo Godzilla ($15) IMG-20150519-WA0010 I bet every one of us has drunk Milo Dinosaur before and this is the adult’s version as Vodka is added into the ice milo as well. Good to order for sharing as it’s a rather big glass but I have no problems finishing one on my own lol! The Bloody Mary that’s garnished with chicken wings ($18) IMG-20150514-WA0004 The name is such a mouthful and it is a slight spicy vodka-based Bloody Mary made from fresh tomatoes and celeries garnished with fried chicken wings. I preferred the Milo Godzilla as this drink as an overpowering celery taste not to my liking. Apart from all day brunch menu, Chillax Café offers pasta, sandwiches and desserts in their main menu that is available from open to close.

From the Main Menu:

Salted Egg Mushrooms ($12) IMG-20150519-WA0012 Not your usual zi-char kind of salted egg dish. More of like a breaded and deep-fried mushroom with scrambled salted egg

The Chillax Carbonara ($18) IMG-20150514-WA0017 One of my favourite dishes here! The raw egg, parmesan cheese and luscious cream sauce was a perfect combination, a very hearty dish. Double Beef Steak Stack ($20) IMG-20150519-WA0006 This is an alternative to the marmite pork burger but with the extra poached egg in between it. How does beef burger and Egg Porn sounds like to you?

Root Beer Wings ($9) cc4 Shabu Beef Poutine ($13) IMG-20150519-WA0011 Shoe string fries, truffle oil and beef slices with gravy. Go for this if you are a soggy fries lover.

Honey Yuzu Ice Blend to beat the heat ($7)IMG-20150519-WA0009

Red – wine poached apples with granola crumble ($10)

cc2 This is a lighter choice of dessert as compared to chocolate lava cake after a heavy meal. Now, there is an additional option for weekend brunch at Chillax Cafe, and thereafter make an excuse to visit Nunsongyee for some snowy Korean desserts (since you are already nearby) and end off with dinner at ChompChomp for a one day journey in Serangoon Gardens. Hehe!

(This was an invited media tasting)

Address: 28 Maju Avenue Singapore(556698)

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 3pm to 1am; Friday 4pm to 2am; Saturday 11am to 2am; Sunday 11am to 12am

Facebook: Chillax Cafe

Instagram: Chillax Cafe

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