Diamond Kitchen 钻石小厨 Opens in the WEST!

Diamond Kitchen (钻石小厨) opens its second outlet in the WEST (Science Park 1)!!! Imagine how excited I was when I first learnt about its opening at Science Park since their first outlet is located far far away in Marine Parade? More so when I just need 20 minutes to reach by direct bus 97/197.

Apart from the original menu at Marine Parade, it offers a new 7 set course menu ($88++) ONLY available at this Science Park outlet. This is definitely a steal as you get to tuck into delectable seafood goodiness such as Australian abalone, Scottish bamboo clams, lobster, crabs and giant grouper at a fraction of the ala carte prices. Fyi, Diamond Kitchen is one of the few restaurants serving this seafood delicacy – giant grouper in Singapore!

The Signature Diamond Seafood Menu comprises of:


Shredded Chicken Salad with Abalone – abalone, carrots, black fungus and red chilies tossed with chicken and sesame oil. The sesame oil was flavorful and the dish though spicy was refreshing as a starter to kick-start the 7 course dinner.



Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clam – bamboo clams on a bed of glass noodles (tung hoon) & enoki mushrooms. The clams was chewy and not of rubbery texture. I was further delighted while eating this as glass noodles & enoki mushroom; both my favorites (a must for me in hot-pot) has absorbed in the rich flavor of housemade Hong Kong steam sauce. One bowl of rice please!


Giant Grouper (Hong Kong Steamed / Superior Claypot) – a delicacy prized for its gelatinous-like and collagen rich skin. I enjoyed the grouper belly with Hong Kong Steam sauce more than the (claypot one – garlic is a little overpowering for me). I am not a fish-lover in general other than fish & chips but I would definitely be back for the Grouper. And I kid you not, even one of my dining companion whom dislikes fish loves the dish too!



Lobster Porridge – served pao-fan style in chicken stock with Chinese wine and ginger in a big claypot. For me, it is such comforting to have porridge with steamed fresh lobster meat (even more so on rainy days)

* This item is not on the a la carte menu but you can request to order for it, its like the “secret” dish off the menu you can order. How cool is that!


Stirred Fried Sweet Potato Leaf with Salted Fish, this pales in comparison to the others but the greens helps in balancing out the diet.




Diamond Gan Xiang Crab – their signature crabs where it is wok-fried with spices, sauce was sweet rather than spicy. Mantous pleaseeee! We all had fun eating it with bare hands.



Lemon Grass Jelly – light tangy dessert to end the 7 course meal.

The food at Diamond Kitchen definitely did not disappoint and would definitely satisfy any seafood cravings one would have in their diamond signature set. If I have to pick my top 3 favourite, the Giant Grouper (Hong Kong Steamed); Lobster Porridge and Diamond Gan Xiang Crab would slightly score higher than the rest but trust me, they are all just as good! My only regret is not trying (I meant to dabao) their pumpkin & gingko yam-paste dessert which a lot raved to be good as I was too full and could not eat anymore! Shall try that out in my next visit since this new outlet is in the WEST that is so much convenient for me!

(This was an invited media tasting.)

Science Park I

Address: 87 Science Park Drive, #01-01 Oasis, Singapore 118260

Operating Hours: 11am to 230pm and 530pm to 1030pm daily

Marine Parade

Address: 5000F Marine Parade Road #01-22/23 Laguna Park (condominium) Singapore 449289

Operating Hours: 11am to 230pm and 530pm to 1030pm daily

Website: Diamond Kitchen

Facebook: Diamond Kitchen Seafood

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