Indulge at Park Buffet

Conveniently located in City Hall,  the sumptuous spread of food offered at Grand Park City Hall weekend buffet makes it an ideal choice of location for gathering with friends and family. Even more so, as it is located very near to the newly open Capitol Piazza where you could head for a walk after the buffet, or try out Dazzling Café if your stomach still have space to eat!

Weekend Tunch, (a new term coined for tea + lunch) includes dimsum (hargow, siewmai, charsiew buns and etc); salad and cheese bar; penang rojak, kueh pie tee where you mix and toss it yourself; traditional teochew congee with Hong Kong Roast Meat. I went straight for the assorted sashimi and sushi!



There is also a ‘live’ laksa station, where you could customize your order for a piping bowl of laksa.


And what’s tea without any sweet treats right? There’s macarons, brownies, cheesecakes, carrot cakes, nonya kuehs and DURIAN PENGAT! Its creamy and thick with real bits of durian flesh in the mixture. I had two full bowls of it, seriously its that good! Apart from the massive spread of desserts, we had fun constructing our ice cream burger, but kind of ended up with a leaning ice cream tower! Have a friendly competition with friends or family on making the highest tower, disclaimer: do not hold me responsible if it topples okay! IMG-20150527-WA0003



IMG-20150527-WA0007IMG-20150527-WA0006IMG-20150527-WA0008In the Asian dinner buffet, there is a wide variety of Asian and local specialties dishes like Indian and Thai style curries and chilled fresh seafood on ice (oysters, scallops, tiger prawns, crabs, lobsters and crayfish) Other than eating it fresh, we get to enjoy it grilled and barbequed, seasoned with 10 different sauces (tandoori, Korean gochujang to cumin and salt and etc.) For carnivorous, there is choices of fatty Spanish pork belly, Australian lamb T bone or US beef flat rib for barbequing at the live station.



11273018_374103966126941_1014491925_nAs age catches up with me, I find myself knocked out rather in a “game” of the buffet. But at Indulge, I managed to eat quite a fairly wide variety of food that I had not eaten in a long time. Why not Indulge yourself at PARK for a hearty buffet, eat to your heart content!

(This was an invited media tasting.)

Long Weekend Tunch Buffet Every Weekend 12pm to 3pm, $45++ (Adults) | $22.50++ (4 to 12 years old) Till 28th September 2015

Asian BBQ Buffet Every Friday and Saturday 630pm to 1030pm, $62++ (Adults) | $32.50++ (4 to 12 years old) Till 27th September 2015

Address: Indulge at Park, Grand Park City Hall, 10 Coleman Street, Singapore 179809

Website: Park Hotel Group

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