Oh My Bacon-ey Goodness at OMB cafe

Decided to head down to OMB café at Dunlop to pig out on the Saturday (30th May) before the opening promotion of Bacon Bomb ends. I was rather looking forward to go to the café because I love pork and of course, that includes bacon!

The café is in shades of bright colors- turquoise and pink, a spin-off from the usual dull colors of café interiors. One thing I like the spaciousness, which is becoming a rarity in new cafes. OMB, Oh My Bacon, a café that is bacon-centric, from bacon starters (bacon & egg cup, bacon jam with baguette), bacon in greens (salads) to bacon mains and bacon meat candy!


The Wall here – Passion is Bacon

The drinks ice mocha and latte which we think there is nothing much to shout about. I am guessing that since bacon is the limelight here, the mains will dazzle and impress. Read on to find out.




Before I forget, there is ice water provided here (self-service) and WIFI too if you are looking for a quiet spot to do your work.

And so our bacon dishes:

Bacon Bomb served with mashed potato side (Usual Price $28, the one featured here is the $14 opening promotion portion)



Imagine bacon encasing cheese, pork and beef, it is like a bacon explosion in your mouth or a firework party with the warm gooey cheese oozing out upon bite. While I liked this dish, I was hoping for more of the cheese, or even better a cheese dip.

Carbonara – cheese, egg and bacon ($15)



This carbonara was of the non-creamy type and it is a simple yet comforting and delicious dish.

Bacon Brownie with bacon bits + Bacon Ice Cream ($4.50 + $4.50)



Saw this on the desserts menu and I knew I have to get it as I love brownies! The combination works pretty well as the tiny bacon bits added a savory edge to the THICK dark chocolate brownie fudge.

In all, OMB café is a café where BACON takes the main-stage and shine as the star while the rest fades relatively. I liked all the three bacon dishes I tried and would be back for more – Jekyll & Hyde (Bacon strips dips in chocolate) is on my cards next!

Address: 7 Dunlop Street

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 12pm – 10 pm; Weekends: 10am – 10pm

Facebook: OMBsg

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