Chabuton at Millenia Walk – Spicy Yoruton Ramen

DSC_0198Chabuton opens its 4th outlet at Millenia Walk other than the outlets at Star Vista, 313 Somerset and Tampines. Have you realized too that Saboten restaurant is seated beside every Chabuton? I was invited to the media tasting for the Yoruton Ramen with 5 levels of spiciness that was launched in line with the new outlet opening to cater to Singaporean’s love for spicy food.


We were served sides before we get to try the ramens.


Hitokuchi Gyoza ($6) – gyozas were served clung together and the wrapped dough could have been thinner. Potato Korokke ($2); Charsiew Don ($4)

The Charsiew Don stood out among the 3. It tasted like a comfort bowl of Taiwanese 滷肉飯, with sweet pickled vegetables. (Oh I can’t wait to try it in Taipei in a month’s time) Oh and I love to eat the rice together with the ramen soup, anyone with me?


Kakuni (Pork Belly – $6) – Loved this because of a balanced lean and fatty meat ratio and melt-in-the-mouth texture, if there is only side you can get here, please get THIS. No regrets I kid you not.


Amaebi Karrage (Fried Shrimp – $5)


Kaki Fry (Fried Oyster – $6) – fresh oyster served piping hot


Moving on to the ramen, first up was the Chabuton Signature Tonkotsu Ramen ($8.30 – small, $11.90 – large) Broth was thick and flavorful from hours of simmering pork bones but the slice of charsiew laid atop was too thin for my liking. Do choose the option of adding Kakuni as add-on the ramen.


What sets Yoruton Ramen different from the rest is its spicy broth which is a blend of special chilli paste (chilli padi) with the signature Tonkotsu Soup and has 5 levels to cater to individual’s thresholds for spicy food.


This was the level 3 ramen and for a self-proclaimed chili lover, it was still manageable for me albeit with beats of sweat after a few mouths. The burning sensation comes in afterwards and lingers for more than few seconds.


Level 3!

The level 5 ramen was served with a larger spoon of chili padi as seen evidently below. This time round, the spice hits me instantly upon the first mouth and I could not but stop after that, as the intense heat on the tongue builds up.


Level 5 (look at the chili padi!!)

My verdict: I would recommend going for level 3 as I felt that the level 5 yoruton ramen, which packs a strong fiery punch of chilli, compromises the flavours of the broth as my taste bud became numb from its overpowering spicy sensation.

For all you spicy lovers out there, this is a chance for you to win an iPhone6 Plus as you put yourself to the spicy challenge:

With every order of a bowl of Yoruton Ramen (Level 1 to 5, served at all outlets) till 31st July 2015, a stamp will be given on the loyalty card. Cash vouchers could be redeemed with every five stamps collected. A completed card will be entered into a Grand Lucky Draw where you might just walk off with an iPhone6 plus if lady luck is smiling high upon you.

Oh and on a side-note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to myself!

(This was an invited media tasting.)

Outlets: Somerset 313 B2-01; Star Vista 01-41; Tampines 1 #02-09/10; Millenia Walk 02-15

Opening Hours: 1130 – 2200 Daily


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