Applebee’s Singapore – Affordable American Food at CHIJMES

With more than 2000 outlets worldwide, American’s Applebee’s first franchise in Singapore had recently shifted to CHIJMES at the centre part of Singapore, offering an extensive menu of food and beverages.

Many people might still have the misconception that CHIJMES is atas and the food pricing is relatively on the high side, but Applebee’s had proven that food can be rather affordable too with a cosy ambience.



With a 136 seating capacity and mainly alfresco dining concept (We loved the natural sunlight! Time for Vitamin D!), pretty laid back for a chill and relaxing afternoon.


An extensive menu of appetizers, steaks, ribs, chicken, burgers, salads, sandwiches, seafood, desserts and alcohol were presented on the menu and it took us quite some time to read through the entire thing.

A lunch combo will cost between $10.90 and $14.90 and comes with a soft drink or brewed ice tea. Affordable pricing for a meal at CHIJMES.


For 3 appetizers at $20.90, choose from Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Mozzarella Sticks, Fried Calamari with Jalapenos, Chicken Wonton Tacos and Buffalo Wings. Feeling just like Popeye, the Spinach and Artichoke Dip was so addictive that we ended up ordering 2 portions because we couldn’t stop ourselves for eating it.


Another item that caught our attention was the Fiesta Lime Chicken ($14.90)), which was topped with Jack- cheddar and Mexi- ranch. We loved the citrusy lime with tender chicken that wasn’t too dry.

The thick gooey cheese might make you think twice due to the calories but heck, eat today, diet tomorrow.


Recommended Quesadilla Burger came in a different style without the usual buns. 2 choices were available for the beef patty: pink or no-pink. The no-pink version was slightly too dry for our liking.


We were pretty surprised to see the price of the Double- Glazed Baby Back Ribs ($11.90 for half rack, $17.90 for full rack). Possibly one of the cheapest out there with tangy Chipotle BBQ sauce. We loved the slight hint in smokiness but wished that the ribs could be more tender.


The Dessert Shooters: Hot Fudge Sundae ($2.90), Chocolate Mousse ($4.90) and Strawberry Cheesecake ($4.90) caught us by surprise with its size. We thought that they were small initially since it was supposed to be shooters but it came twice the size.


The Butter Pecan Blondie ($9.90) stole the limelight with its sizzling hot plate that screamed “Eat Me!”. Named as blondie, we truly felt like blondes while screaming “Wowwwww!” when the Maple Butter sauce drizzled onto the hot plate. The combination of hot and cold on a single plate proved that it worked really well together.


With an affordable pricing at CHIJMES, Applebee’s wide selection of dishes provides us with an insight to American dining. No worries, not everything comes in American size so it’s not too daunting for those on diet.

Will Applebee’s be the apple of your eye?

Applebee’s Singapore

Address: 30 Victoria Street – Chijmes, Singapore 187996

Opening Hours: 11am – 12mn (Mon–Thu, Sun); 11am – 1am (Fri–Sat)

Facebook: Applebee’s Singapore

Instagram: Applebees_sg


This is an invited media tasting.

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