Beesket – Buzzing Into Singapore at Changi and Clementi

Korean DIY juicebar, Beesket, that allows us to customise the drinks we wanted is now in Singapore! Making a beeline into Changi City Point and Clementi 321 Shopping Mall, the vibrant shop layout is indeed attractive.

Beesket, formed by 2 words, Bee and Basket, literally means that we have to collect the fruits (in this case, the small fruit tags) machiam like bees collecting nectar.


With 30 different types of fruits available daily (changed on a day to day basis), we were allowed to mix and match 3 juices for our drinks. Wait, let me see… … … Ahhh too many combinations and I totally lost count. Trust me, my math is pretty good one.


See the chip and colourful and pretty fruit tags we can choose to customise our drinks ($5.90)? Kids will love these because they looked like small lego blocks. And indeed, I had some difficulty getting what I wanted because these kids flocked to the counters as though they were sweets.


Each fruit tag comes with a RFID chip that will calculate your nutrition and most importantly for me, calories! I won’t want to spend money to make myself grow fat right? (Must start to plan my fruit juice detox scheme)


Some of the fruit tags had the same colour but they were different fruits in actual fact (Orange and mandarin orange). I made the mistake but oh well, it tasted pretty nice! Now I wonder if there were any combinations which will result in a weird taste. So far, so good.


With 4 ways to enjoy Beesket (DIY Juice Blend), 100% Natural Blended Juice, 100% Natural Squeezed Juice and Natural Fruit Tea, I was amazed and surprised at the taste of the interesting combination. I shall be more courageous to try even weirder combination in future.

Beesket Singapore

Address: Changi City Point #01-20, Singapore 486038, 321 Clementi Mall #02-03 Singapore 129905

Opening Hours: 10.30am – 9.30pm (Mon-Sun)

Facebook: Beesket Singapore

Instagram: Beesket Singapore

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