King of Nests – Bird Nest And Bird Nest in Mooncakes

Bird nests now come in different flavours too! King of Nests now offers bird nests that comes in 250ml jar with flavours that range from rock sugar ($26), pandan ($36), gula melaka ($36) and sweet corn.

Easy for consumption because 250ml could be consumed within a few mouthfuls *gulp*


Our favourite was the Pandan flavoured which was refreshing and soothing. Packed with strands and bundles of bird nest with all the necessary nutrients needed.



A collaboration between King of Nests and Madame Patisserie created this box of 6 egg tarts topped with bird nest and single sheet of bling bling gold foil (Promotional price of $18 from now till 30 Sep).

Minute size egg tart that just pops into your mouth without leaving undesirable crust dropping everywhere (Click here to order)


bird nest mooncake 3a

This year, King of Nests collaborated with Caffe Pralet to bring to us LIMITED EDITIONS Bird Nest Moon Cakes (Snow Skin and Jelly moon cakes).

bird nest mooncake 1a

Bird Nest Snow Skin Mooncakes (8 mini pcs /box $65) come in the following flavours (Click here to order) :

  1. Jade Matcha with Yuzu Custard (Yuzu is the next trend!)
  2. Ruby Blood Orange with Chocolate
  3. Gui Hua with Wolfberry Custard (Interesting Chinese rendition)
  4. Pearl Almond with Gingko Lotus Paste

bird nest mooncake 4a

Bird Nests Jelly Moon Cakes (8 minipcs/ box $47) comes in the following flavours  (Click here to order):

  1. Jade Matcha with Black Sesame (Black sesame gives an added crunch)
  2. Ruby Blood Orange with Mandarin Slices (Mandarin slices with a citrusy touch)
  3. Gui Hua with Wolfberry (Good for my eyes!)
  4. Pearl Almond

Self collection: Caffe Pralet, 17 Eng Hoon Street, #01-03/04, Eng Hoon Mansions, Singapore 169767. Opens daily.

Free delivery applies for orders of above $200.

For orders $200 and below, a $10 delivery charge applies.

DSC_3980King of Nests items are available on (Click here for link). Delivery is FREE without minimum purchase and if you are a GoBuyLah member, you will enjoy $5 discount during check-out.

King Of Nests

Website: King Of Nests

Facebook: King Of Nests

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