Karafuru Desserts – Japanese-inspired Dessert Cafe Selling Eclairs at Bugis

This place caught our attention while browsing Instagram a week ago with its white minimalistic interior and its display of aesthetically pleasing Japanese inspired eclairs. As we could not contain the excitement, we made our way down on their very first day of operation.

We ordered and shared two éclair and two parfait (Total Damage: $45)


Ume Shiso (front); Yuzu (back)

Ume Shiso Éclair – umeboshi crème, shiso ($7)

The shiso leaf when combined with ume (fermented plums) leaves a unique minty yet citrusy aftertaste, that blends in with the alcoholic flavor.

Yuzu Éclair – yuzu crème, candied lemon, marzipan, ginger sables ($6)

We prefer this as the ginger sables added another dimension (slight spicy) to the tart flavor of the yuzu éclair.

Aside from eclairs, the cafe also offers other desserts selection: the PARFAIT. Being a matcha-addict, we knew we had to order this prior to the visit to the café. And so we ordered:


Matcha Azuke – matcha soufflé, vanilla pudding, jasmine crème anglaise, mizu-yokan, dango, matcha langue de chat ($16)



We like the smooth mizu-yokan (jelly desserts made from red bean paste) and buttery matcha cake. The parfait made from greek yoghurt with Hokkaido milk was not acidic enough for our liking though.

A research from Harvard School of Public Health found that alcohol in moderation can be healthy, and since there is one & only alcoholic parfait, why not?


Gianduja* (Alcoholic) – hazelnut soufflé, chocolate pudding, hazelnut and orange crisp, dark chocolate curd, candied orange, curacao sauce. ($16)


Presentation-wise, this looks similar to the former. Other than color, the most distinct feature that sets this two apart is that the latter is an alcoholic dessert. We enjoyed the combination of the bitter-sweet from the dark chocolate and tanginess from the candied orange. Other options include the pretty Hanami (sakura soufflé with cereal crunch, strawberries & raspberries and Yuzu soufflé that’s sure to be a hit with the ladies.

Located in the café-fested Kampong Glam region, Karafuru stands out among the rest with its chic modern interior and light, delicate and whimsical eclairs. Parfait-wise, I guess I would still choose to go Tsujiri should my cravings for matcha parfaits kick in.


Now that we are talking about Matcha, a post on 5 Matcha cafés in Taipei during my recent trip there is going to be up next. So stay tuned!

Address: 8 Jalan Klapa

Opening Hours: 1pm to 10pm (Mon-Sun)

Facebook: Karafuru

Instagram: Karafuru

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