The Snack Culture Company – Mod-Sin Fusion at Lavender CT Hub

Munch, munch, munch. The Snack Culture Company started off selling interesting bakes at CT Hub such as Haebee Hiam, Laksa or even Rojak Cookies (literally snacks as their name implies).


Shortly after, they started their all new bento concept to cater to the working crowd nearby and they named it The Bento People. They believed that healthy food can be as tasty too which surprised and delighted us.


The newest ala carte menu will only be available on Thurs night, on top of their existing ‘Around The World in 9 Small Plates’ degustation dinner.

Think small plates, seafood in a bag, a fusion of everything but cooked with heart and soul.snackculture7The small plates drawn from Nonya inspiration will include the Nonya Salad ($9), Nonya Hiam Cookie Bites ($10) and the Nonya Spam ($9).

The Nonya Hiam Cookie Bites ($10) with minced laksa prawn on top of Haebee Hiam cookies were our favourite. Rich, multi-dimensional and full of spices, do not attempt to share this with your friends (because I know you won’t).


The Nonya Spam ($9) was a plate of pretty normal fried spam. But the highlight was the Nonya Belachan mayo dip with reminded us of tomyum taste with a distinct lemongrass taste.

Dip it in and we can’t stop munching on it. My friend even attempted to lick it clean (literally) when no one was looking!


The Norwegian Sea Plate ($12) was pink inside! Tender cooked meat coupled with semi raw on the inside made it really tender and soft.

snackculture3The Korean Bulgogi Frisbees ($9) places on rice wafers looked like mini UFOs. Save choice, comfort food, never go wrong.


We were more intrigued by the Seafood in a Bag concept ($36) with a choice of Cajun or Nonya Otah Garlic Butter, Szechuan Mala (our fav), Tunisian Shashuka and Garlic butter & Thyme.

Add-ons were available for Sausages ($3.90), Spam ($3.90), Corn ($2) and Lotus Root ($3)


Our favourite was the Szechuan Mala flavour inspired from Sichuan, China. The unique part of this dish was the numbing sensation which was more prominent than the spiciness (Good for people like me who can’t really take spicy stuff)

The numbing sensation was not too overpowering but enough to leave a good impression. Top it up with lotus roots and spam for well- infused flavours.


Current Promotion: For every purchase of the Katnook Sauvignon Blanc ($89) will entitle a FREE seafood bag worth $36.

Address: #02-17, CT Hub, 2 Kallang Avenue, Singapore 339407

Available timing: 7pm to 10pm (Thu)

Facebook: The Snack Culture Company

Instagram: The Snack Culture Company

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