Joe and Dough, coffee & bread for you?

【Updated 15/12/2015】

Less than two weeks away to Christmas and if you are still in the midst of deciding over festive bake or log cake for a Christmas get-together, Joe & Dough could be your answer to it.

joe & dough 4

Valrhona Ginger Pear Log Cake ($63) – 62% Valrhona Cocoa ganache over a layer of moist chocolate sponge cake. This was our favorite on their xmas menu as we loved its decadence and richness that was not overly sweet.

joe & dough 1

Pairing the log cake with a cup of sweet butterscotch iced latte

There’s also the fruit cakes ($28), gingerbread men/women ($3.50) and Stollen (German Christmas fruit bread – $28) in their festive offers.

joe & dough 5

fruit cake

joe & dough 3

Santa’s christmas sandwich – smoked turkey ham with cranberry jam

At the same time, we would also like to wish all readers of TheLancescape a Merry CHRISTMAS & FATTY new year! Hahaha.


In lieu with Singapore’s golden jubilee birthday, Joe & Dough has come up with sandwiches, desserts and drink with a local twist.


soy sauce chicken & achar

SG 50    

For the sandwich, there is the soy sauce chicken and achar (nonya spicy mixed vegetables) The crunchiness of the achar and the tenderness of the chicken really make this a yummy sandwich. A pity though that this is only available till end of August. Do hurry down if you wanna try, we wished it would stay on in the menu, so good I kid you not.


Signature d.r. Joe 1914 Coffee & Cha Cooler

For desserts, there is flourless chocolate coconut cake that resembles that of a molten lava cake with warm gula melaka in the centre. Would have preferred this to be more dense and even better, to be served with ice cream as the cake itself is a tad dry.


What is the local fruit you first think of? I guess for many, the answer is durian. And Joe & Dough has come up with their version of the uniquely SG50 mao shan wang durian profiteroles.


the durian profiteroles

Besides the SG50 menu, Joe & Dough has also new sandwiches and all day breakfast to offer. For breakfast, if you are the health conscious, the light yet mild sweet granola yoghurt with chia seeds would most likely please your palate.


We really like their truffle egg mayo and lumpfish roe on toast. Two large scoops of TRUFFLE & egg mayo atop the toast, I could ditch the toast and zoom right in on the truffle egg mayo!joedough1

For sandwiches, there’s the chicken tikka sandwich which is akin to eating tandoori chicken sandwiched between naan! The turkey ham and curried mango chutney pales in comparison to the chicken tikka and soy chicken achar.

For the sweet tooth, there are cheesecake, gula Melaka pandan cake, which, in fact was last year national day special but have since then remained on the menu due to popular appeal. What really caught me by surprise was the lemon lime/ raspberry cupcakes. Contrary to my usual perception of cupcakes that are too dry, the cupcakes here are moist and the cream in the center of the cupcake had me wondering if I was munching on a cupcake or a slice of layered cream cake!


Gula melaka panda cake


Good for an afternoon indulgence!

We love the rustic theme across all J & D outlets and the generous yet delicious portion of food served here. At $8.80 for sandwich, (relatively the size of a foot long sub from subway), this is nothing but a steal. Now we know where to head for, instead of the usual Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

(This was an invited media tasting.)

Opening Hours: (varies for outlets, refer to their website for more details)


Facebook: Joe & Dough

Instagram: Joe & Dough

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