Please your Palate at Palette Restaurant & Bar

I was really missing local hawker food such as satay, hokkien mee, pork rib soup (bak kut teh) and etc as I just returned from a 3 week vacation from the States. I had all my cravings satisfied in a meal and how is that possible? All this made possible by a dinner spread at Palette.

Housing many food brands across Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia to Hong Kong), there’s bound to be a dish at Palette that would please your palate!


Sate Ayam Madura by Indochili | $8.80 for 5pcs – the addition of the fried shallots added a crunch to the spicy sweet dish.

And if you think the chicken skewers from Indochili is good, wait till you try the tahu telor, JUST TAKE MY MONEY!


Tahu Telor | $9.80 – Blocks of deep fried tofu and bean sprout heads atop the dish in kecap manis sauce  added a slight spicy touch to it.


Huat Huat BBQ Wings by Huat Huat BBQ| $12 for ½ dozen and $21 for 1 dozen – wings was grilled to perfection and the chilli sauce served by the side was addictive. I think I could finish half a dozen myself, I kid you not.


Fishball Noodle by Ah Koong | $7.90 – I don’t eat Mee Kia due to its typical alkaline taste but the one here is springy and rid of the taste. Freshness of the fishball and fishcakes here are ensured as they are handmade fresh from ikan parang.

Other than fishball noodles, there are other alternatives for noodles such as:


Abalone noodle by Ah Yat Seafood | $18


Beef brisket noodle by Hok Kee ($9) – This is their first outlet outside of Hong Kong.


Fried Hokkien Crayfish Mee by Yong Xin ($15) – Yong Xin brings Hokkien Mee to an atas (upmarket) level with the inclusion of crayfish in their famous Hokkien Mee. This was more of the wet version of Hokkien Mee and local delights like char kway tiao and oyster omelette are sold as well.


Hainanese Chicken Rice Set by Little Nanyang | $10.90

Bak Kut Teh and Hainanese Chicken Rice which are Singaporean comfort hawker food could be found in Palette as well.

Dessert fans could look forward to modernised local desserts by 90 Gastro Bar: where old school desserts are given a localised twist.


Chilled Mango Soup with Sago & Citrus Fruits ($6)

Sunset Gula Melaka Banana Pafrait ($8) – try this if you only have space for a dessert!

Located conveniently at Capitol Piazza, this is one secret den to bring foreign friends to head to when settling for local food other than the all too touristy Lau Pa Sat.

(This was an invited media tasting.)

Address: 13 Stamford Road, Capitol Piazza #B1-20/27, Singapore 178905

Operating Hours: 11am – 1030pm daily

Website: The Palette

Facebook: The Palette

One comment

  • Hi, I wish to redeem my Groupon deal on 2 March 2016. As such, I phoned The Palette at 63843359 three times in the past two days to make a reservation but was told to leave a voice mail message.

    Todate, no one has returned our calls (one voice mail message was under my name: Teresa Lee (90176538), and the other two messages were under my husband’s name, Steven Ng (Hp:91232008). Please call one of us as soon as possible to confirm our reservation for Wed, 2 March 2016.

    As the deal will expire on 7 March, please note that we will proceed to The Palette tomorrow as planned, even without a reservation.


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