Sunset dinner at Sunrise Bistro & Bar!

How about catching a sunset while at Sunrise Bistro & Bar, that’s exactly what we did the last weekend! We would say that we did not come with much expectations but boy oh boy, were we surprised at how well the mains were executed.


Some drinks while overlooking ECP and the coast.

Some bar bites like this spam chips will go well with beer, mocktail and cocktail. The spam chips are really thinly sliced, with a crispy texture.



We have the seafood chowder soup as starter and we liked that it was light and not overly thick.



Seared Foie Gras

In the “battle of the two fishes”, we would prefer that of the cereal crusted cod fish to the Fish & Chips (Red Snapper). We have seen much of cereal prawn in zichar but cereal cod fish, seriously? The dish smells really good and we loved how the sesame oil and shoyu broth infused into the meat of the cod fish, making it so tender and flavorful. We are not fish lovers but we really adored this dish.


Cereal Crusted Cod Fish

Sunrise Bistro prides itself in Sous vide style cooking where the moisture is retained in the inside and not overcooked on the outside, they have it this way for duck, pork and beef so take your pick!


Duck Leg Confit

Duck leg confit with an Asian twist to it with the addition of five spice powder – crispy skin with tender meat, the tangy sweet citrus sauce was a good pairing.


Canadian Pork Shoulder


24hrs sous vide beef ribs

Marmite pork shoulder, BBQ beef short ribs – they share a thing in common – not the most visually appealing dish on the menu but they are the HOT favorites here and we can relate why; because the meat was fork tender and flavorful, absorbing the sweet marmite and smokey BBQ sauce respectively. I can’t decide which I like better, both were TOO good!

For desserts, we have the Tiramisu and Salted egg lava cake, I guess its not hard to guess which was the crowd favorite here.



Tiramisu Semi Freddo ($12) – semi mascarpone cheese layered with coffee liqueur, this would make a good substitute for any caffeine fix.



AND the BEST is always the last!

Salted Egg Yolk Lava Cake ($14) – the price might comes a bit pricey but this is so WORTH it. Combination of rich warm chocolate cake with salted egg yolk custard in the centre left us wanting for more as we tucked in spoonful after spoonful.

Despite its far location as I live in the West, I am most willing to travel across half of Singapore to East Coast Park for its weekend brunch or lunch, well, perhaps after catching the sunrise this time?

Address: 902 East Coast Parkway, Playground @ Big Splash

Website: Sunrise Bistro Bar

Facebook: Sunrise Bistro Bar

Instagram: Sunrise Bistro Bar

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