[Closing] Yee Kee Specialist Roasted Duck – Silat Road Coffeeshop Hidden Gem

The place where I frequent most for lunch in the beginning phase of working in SGH due to its close proximity. Decided to blog this (even though it is closing for good, in 9 day’s time.) as it holds a special memory for me – it is the place I would go whenever I had a bad day at work and in need of a comfort lunch.


Ordered a table full of food – Aug 2015

For a taste of Hong Kong roast meat, look no other than Yee Kee 瑜記燒臘 – Especially the CRACKLING crispy ROAST PORK and FATTY Char Siew!


May 2015

Charcoal Roasted fatty charsiew with perfect caramelization. Look at its glistening glory. Not to forget their signature cantonese style soup 八宝鸭汤 (free refills)

Few of the many occasions that I ate lunch there:


Dec 2013


April 2014


July 2014


Sep 2015

Other than Yee Kee, the economical rice stall is another lunch favorite among the crowd. 2 vegetables and 1 meat for $2.50 and I especially love their beehoon with fried chicken with that intense wok hei flavour! Only gripe is that the standard fluctuates depending on uncle’s mood. Lol!


Bee Hoon with Fried Chicken

A pity that Yee Kee is closing down at end of the month (supposedly last month but aunty extend for a month due to overwhelming responses). So rush down if you want to savour a taste of their FATTY Char Siew & siew york, argueably the best in Singapore!

Address: Block 148 Silat Avenue #01-14 Singapore 160148

Opening Hours: 1030am – sold out, closed on Sunday and Monday

Last Day: 15th October 2015

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