Pancake Boss Singapore – Indonesian Martabak Manis Opened at Bugis Cube

We see many versions of pancakes here in Singapore – from western type of thick fluffy pancakes or the thin version in MacDonalds to the Chinese type of min jiang kueh (面煎粿)that we see in hawker centres.

Martabak Manis, Indonesian thick pancake, is the alternative name for min jiang kueh (面煎粿). The cross sectional area revealed a honeycomb- like structure, giving it a chewy and yet fluffy texture.


Pancake Boss opened at Bugis Cube recently, offering a wide selection of Indonesian pancakes, all made from a 20cm pan.

The menu is straightforward and the owner called their pancakes The Boss. Pancakes come in the traditional form ($6.80-$9), salted caramel ($7.50-$8), fruity which includes banana, raisin, jackfruit ($7.80-$9.20) or chocolate base ($8.20- $10.50).


The Boss aka the pancakes came in a takeaway box and serving was pretty big (#FitForABoss) and good for sharing. Maybe a mix of flavours would be good for people who wants to try various flavours.

The pancakes were moist and fluffy, best consumed when hot. We loved the recommended Boss Special with a pandan base with jackfruit and cheese fillings. Alluring aroma with flavourful and moist texture. Sedap!


Apart from selling pancakes, they had a small selection of drinks. The recommended ones include Bossgato Avocado ($5.50) (Not Moscato) with blended avocado, espresso and chocolate ice-cream.

The avocado was smooth and rich, but slightly overpowered by the chocolate ice cream. Probably a scoop of Gula Melaka ice cream would be better as it will complement well with the avocado.


The place was pretty small with about 14 to 16 seats, more for a takeaway place. We would be back to try other flavours and hopefully they will start serving smaller portions or multi flavours in one big portion.


Address: Bugis Cube Mall, #04-15, 470 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188735 (Google Map)

Opening Hours: 12pm-8pm daily

Facebook: Pancake Boss

Instagram: Pancake Boss

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