Percolate Coffee at Bedok

I guess we found a hidden gem in Bedok – Percolate Coffee. Had a chance to drop by at this small space before our visit to the FatCat Ice Cream Bar which is within walking distance away. Just learn that the name has the meaning: to drain or seep through a porous material or filter. Interesting isn’t it?


Percolate Coffee, situated in the Bedok neighbourhood, has undergone expansion in May earlier to a more spacious café. The interior of the café was rather dimly lit, in shades of wood and turquoise. Prices here are generally wallet friendly with coffee ranging from $4 up and selection of cakes (salted caramel, red velvet, matcha) and sandwiches/croissants despite the upgrade.


We ordered a matcha cake, their highly raved curry mayo croissant sliders and bittersweet darkchocolate brownie topped off with scoop of vanilla ice cream and a small jug of espresso to be drizzled on it for the first visit.


Matcha Cake ($6)


Dark Choc Brownie ($7)

And on the second visit, we ordered the curry mayo croissant, tom yum chicken ciabatta and their coffee, of which the beans are from Papa Palheta/Mylon Coffee and comes with pretty decent latte art.


Iced Chocolate ($5)


TOM YUM grilled Chicken ($10) and Curry egg mayo croissant ($7) are damn good!

Being a westie, Percolate is definitely one of the few cafes in the east (Sunrise Bistro). I would want to revisit if I am to go on a journey-to-the-east anytime soon. I like its unpretentious, their homely food and their friendly service.


My one day journal

Furthermore, it is of the few cafes that is open on a MONDAY! (their off day is on tuesday) Mark it down and you’ll be sure of where to head for coffee break the next time you are in the bedok hood. Bye bye Monday blues!

Address: 136 Bedok North Avenue 3 #01-152B (Google Map)

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 1030 to 2130 (closed on Tuesday); Weekends: 0900 to 2130

Instagram: Percolate Coffee

Facebook: Percolate Coffee


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