Montigo Resorts – Chef Experience Where You Eat What You Catch

My parents will think of Batam as a place to eat cheap and affordable seafood. Gen Y and Gen Z youngsters will think of Batam as a place for getaway and staycation. That’s the difference, the generation gap (Ooops).


The newest and most hipster or most Instagram- worthy place at Batam would be Montigo Resorts. New, clean, white (for people obsessed with white feed on Instagram), private crystal blue pool, and can I add on: the good service provided.


Often or not, staycation is the time to pig ourselves out. Not just to nua (aka relax in the villa or soak the entire day in the private pool), but also to try out the different food on the island.


We signed up for the Chef Experience at Montigo Resorts which comprised of Fishing (Yes, with a fishing rod), foot reflexology (Because we stood whole day just to catch our lunch. No fish, no food!) and the Cooking Experience (What if my cooking skills cannot make it? Not surprising).


Personally, it’s my first time fishing using a fishing rod (iPad games not counted ah). Same same but different, swing the fishing rod out, wait for the tug, and reel it in like some crazy maniac because that’s your lunch! (Nope, I’m not letting it go)


Patience is the key in fishing but I think that the fishes in the fishing compound were more impatient than us. They were hungry and would just bite off the bait quickly and zao (swam off). Ok, we managed to trick one into biting our hook and we got our lunch settled (Yes, finally, #BecauseImReallyHungry)


Foot Reflexology was done at the Spa Village, with more than 10 rooms for spa and massage and 4 rooms for foot massage.

I chose the lowest strength because I’m scared of pain, but it’s different from the Chinese version which focuses more on the sole of the feet. Instead, the pressure was spread throughout the entire leg so I actually didn’t scream during the session (so embarassing).


After relaxing our legs, it was time to make our own lunch from the fish we just caught. We were pretty excited because we don’t get the chance at home (My mum was afraid I would set the kitchen on fire). Yeah, can play with fire (#GodBlessMe)


Chef Babe who had previous experience working in various hotels in South East Asia was the one guiding us during the cooking session. We were tasked to make our own Gado Gado (Mixed Vegetables) with peanut sauce which was pretty addictive and appetizing.


We were told to plate our food nicely (for phototaking of course) and were pretty proud of our work (it’s an abstract art after all).


When it was time to prepare the fish we caught (Oh poor fish), we teared (not because we killed it), because we had no idea how to do it. Chef Babe was really patient with us (even though we messed up the kitchen) and we finally got our lunch – Gangan Fish Fillet with yellow paste samarinda and Baked FIsh Wrapped in Banana Leaves.

An enjoyable experience with fresh, good food (because we cooked it, smirk) and good experience (because we managed to catch our fish).

No fish, no dish.

Address: Montigo Resorts, Batam, Indonesia

Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 1pm-10pm; Fri 1pm-11pm; Sat 12pm-11pm; Sun 12pm-10pm; Closed: Tuesday

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