Old Boys Gallery – Gallery Turned Café At Outram Without The Old Boys

[Updated 25/07/2016]

Just a few units away from Strangers’ Reunion, an ex- gallery turned café by the name of Old Boys Gallery recently opened their doors. No old boys, no new boys, just old gallery with a new revamp, a new cafe.


interior of the cafe

They have over 50 selections of draft beer (good for all you alcoholics!) and we decided on a cider upon recommendation as we aren’t really drinkers. They have a good promotion of 5 draft beers for $50 all day long so jio your drinking buddies along for a good afterwork or lunch-time drink!


NEW ITEMS on the menu focus on the braising method that uses both moist and dry heats. The braising method helps in softening the tough cuts of meat through simmering, resulting in fork tender meat.

Fond De Veau Classic Osso Bucco ($22) – Oxtail bath on beefstock with herb pesto mashed potato and summer greens

Old Boys Gallery 2

I loved the soft melting meat and how the green pesto mashed potato added another dimension to the dish.

Old Boys Gallery 3

Old Boys Gallery 4

Lamb Shank ($28) – lamb shank tomato concasse braise served on butter bread.

We thought that the butter bread was lacking in flavour and didn’t quite complement the lamb shank. A bread bowl for holding bowl of mushroom or clam chowder soup would be perfect!

Chilli Crab Volcano Burger ($20) – crispy soft shell crab served with chilli crab sauce, jalapeno, melted cheddar cheese, fresh greens and potato wedges

Old Boys Gallery 5

This is so good and the chilli gives it an extra fiery kick that added depth to the soft black buns!

Salted Egg Fries with Poached Egg ($9) – the thick salted egg coated on the fries makes this dish utterly irresistible. MUST ORDER lah~

Old Boys Gallery 6

Matchamisu Cheese Cake, with matcha lava cake ($15) – a matcha lava cake atop and matcha tiramisu in the jar. A decadent indulgence to have after a meal but we felt it was too heavy a dessert. Chocolate lovers may opt for the chocolate alternative.

Old Boys Gallery 8

There are bar bites where you could mix and match any three for $27, these are especially good for sharing if you come in a large group.

We had the Vongle Bianco – venus clam sauteed in white wine served with toast. The venus clam were juicy and sweet, making a good starter.


Vongle Bianco – sauteed venus clam in white wine

Next, we have the OBG wings – wings marinated in house-made marmite sauce. The crispy wings tasted more of sweet rather than savoury.


OBG wings

The OBG crab cakes served with mango relish. Crab cake melted at the touch of my fork but lacked a little in the contrast of texture as we would have preferred the crab cakes to have a balance of shredded and chunks of crab meat.


OBG crabcakes

The sweet potato fries that was addictive, especially so with the spicy yet tangy curry mayo sauce.

sweet potato fries

SWEET potato fries ($7.9)

For the mains, there are options of the burger (Beef or Pork) that comes with cheese, bacon and caramelized onion or fish & chips.

We enjoyed the Roast Pork Agio Olio ($14.90)  – a fusion of the East and West with the right amount of garlic oil and spicy punch from the chilli padi! The crackling roasted pork here surely do matches up to that of Yee Kee that’s less than 500 metres away.


ROAST PORK agio olio

There’s a $8.90 ~ $10.90 NETT set lunch from 1130am to 330pm where it comes with a main course, a soup or salad and a drink. Rather value for money for a good lunch fix.

Address: 67 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169371

Available timing: 11.30am to 11pm (Mon-Sat), Closed Sun

Facebook: Old Boys Gallery

Instagram: Old Boys Gallery

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