Hold住Tea – Container Cafe in Taman Pelangi Johor Bahru JB

“整个场面Hold住” was what came to my mind when we heard about the name of the cafe  –  Hold住Tea.

[Update: 01/03/2016: Holdzhutea has been revamped to The Metallic Kitchen]

Few weeks back on Polling Day, we braved the heavy jam to extend our cafe-hopping in Malaysia. Hold住Tea was our last pit-stop of the day after Sweet Blossom Coffee Roasters and Ink N Water that is situated in Pelangi as well.


Container Cafe

What attracted our attention to this cafe was not only its name but it’s housed in a ship container. The cafe was designed in modern style – made from recycled ship containers. Even the spools are used as tables.

This is similar to the concept of  Chaiwalla & Co Container Cafe but it has much more to offer other than milk tea. The menu offers local delights like nasi lemak, curry chicken to western food like lamb chop and meatball pasta (RM8.90 – RM19.90)

We had the signature Hold住Tea (RM5.90), Strawberry mille crepe cake (RM9.90) and Hawaii Chicken Pizza (RM29.90 for 8 slices)

The strawberry mille crepe cake was our favorite of the three that we tried, even better than Nadeje that we tried recent in our trip to Melaka. The crepe layers was moist (a little hard) with vanilla cream sandwiched between alternating layers of pink and yellow.

I want to have a good body, but not as much as I want dessert.


strawberry crepe cake

The Hold住Tea tasted sweet and overwhelmed the tea flavour, could go for less sugar the next time.



Hawaii chicken Pizza – the standard pizza minus the ham but replaced with shredded chicken meat. The thin crust was just perfect while the cheese was passable (see how the cheese stretches) as we, being cheese-lovers thought it could be more cheesey, to the stage of cheese-porn. We really love CHEESE you see. HAHA. Perhaps owing to the tomato-based, the pizza tasted sweet rather than savoury.


We enjoyed the quiet ambiance of the cafe while enjoying the cool night breeze. Some hits & misses with the food but guess we would be back again. Just a matter of how long we Hold 得住!

And here’s an entertaining youtube video (we laughed like crazy) for all you who doesn’t know who is hold住姐!

For more of cafes to go in Johor Bahru, look for #lancetaeyinJB in Instagram 🙂

Address: PTD 76831, Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru (Google Map)

Opening Hours: 11am-2am daily

Link: FacebookInstagram


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