District 10 at Suntec City – Ageing is GOOD!

All along, I always have negative connotations to the word “ageing”, like when you age, you stands a higher risk of disease, fragility and mortality. But tonight, AGEING is GOOD!!

The new District 10 at Suntec City boasts a European meat show case, chiller for dry aged meat and butcher’s block for live cuts. For those unfamiliar, dry ageing is the process of hanging of cuts and this preservation method control wastage of meat. As a result of dry aging, the meat has a higher concentration of natural flavours as the enzymes broke down tissues in muscles that tenderize the meat over time.


Chef Lucas live in action!

First up, we had some appetizers to whet up our appetite!


Vitello tonnato, thinly slice roasted veal loin with light tuna sauce $24

This was surprisingly good. Who would have thought that veal and tuna sauce could turn out to be such a perfect combination? Make this a must order starter!


Butter lettuce salad with pancetta, hazelnut, gorgonzola and egg $20

district10_6Puglia Burratina with organic cherry tomato basil bruschetta $26 – I loved the rich creamy burrata cheese and the sweet cherry tomatoes.

The highlight of the night: the awesomeness of AGEING:


45 days home dry aged grass-fed black angus op rib $18++ per 100 gram, sizzling smoked over charcoal. The flavorful meat was tougher and chewier than the Fiorentina One.


We preferred the “45 days Dry Aged Corn-fed Traditional Fiorentina Steak – $22+ per 100 gram) that was fork-tender and with a medium rare core yet grilled to a crispy exterior. This tasted divine just with blended rosemary salt and pepper.

Besides the dry-aged meats, the desserts here are pretty well executed. For caffeine lovers, one can opt for the bittersweet double espresso panna cotta with vanilla sauce $12.


Profiteroles filled with sweet chestnut crème and served with warm chocolate sauce, $12


My favourite is the chocolate – marshmellow fluff with caramelized banana $14, it is hard to say no to chocolate and banana for me.

Being the one and only alfresco bar, the new District 10 at Suntec City Tower 2 makes good for a TGIF session with friends or colleagues over the dry aged meats and some wine or beer to pair alongside.

(This was an invited media tasting.)

District 10 @ Suntec City Tower 2

Address:  3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall (beside Tower 2 Lobby Office)  #01-514/515 Singapore 038693

Facebook: District 10

Instagram: District 10

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