Coffee Signature – Sleek Black Container Cafe in Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru JB

Coffee Signature was the 8th Stop of our JB food trail and a short walk away from J.C. Café (7th stop) where we shared a mug of Devil Banana Chocolate Milkshake (RM 18.90 ~ SGD 6.30) and the sweetness is just right. This looked similar to the milkshake from The Benjamins but WHAT, at just a fraction of the price.

jc cafe milkshake

Topped with brownies, pretzels and caramelized popcorns

coffee signature_9

Coffee Signature – Container Cafe

Coffee Signature stands out with its sleek, black container exterior setting it apart from the row of bridal boutiques lining Jalan Serampang. Its interior is furnished with wooden tables and metallic chairs, giving it a beautiful rustic feel.

Sweet Rain (RM16.90 ~ SGD 5.60) – Cotton Candy Fluff over a cup of hot coffee.

coffee signature_4

Sweet Rain

It’s an interesting concept where the sweetness from the cotton candy slowly drips into the bitter coffee.

Green tea latte (RM13.90 ~ SGD 4.60) – green tea latte served in a light bulb flask with a missing cap?

coffee signature_3

Green Tea Latte

The iced drink is nice and smooth but could be more intense in matcha flavour.

We also ordered the mains as we were craving for something savoury after an afternoon of sweet bites (Lis Gelato) Orders take 20-30 minutes of preparation time.

coffee signature_6

Fungi Pollo E Olio (RM 26 ~ SGD 8.70) – A comfort and flavorful plate of pasta cooked al dente with wild mushroom and grilled chicken added and tossed in garlic and olive oil.

coffee signature_7

Huevos Rancheros (RM 21 ~ SGD 7) – Mexican style baked eggs

coffee signature_8

Braised onion, jalapeno, garlic, cumin and runny egg yolk are smothered in a hearty spicy tomato sauce. Lettuces are added by the side to give it some extra greenery.

coffee signature_1

We love how we could taste the complex flavour in each bite and it was not long that I mopped up every last morsel of the sauce with the crusty sourdough.

And for the health conscious, there are greener options available – scallop herbal porridge (RM12.50); Petai with mushroom rice (RM14) and Ba Zhen Herbal Soup (RM18)

coffee signature_10

When I saw the waiter serving the Butteryaki salmon with asparagus (RM34 ~ SGD 11.30) to the other table before I stepped out of the café, my stomach growled as if I had not eaten for the day and I knew I have to go back again for it! I even dreamt about it that night, I… … I cannot. Hahaha!

coffee signature_12

The main courses here

coffee signature_13

coffee signature_11

For the sweet tooth

Coffee Signature is an ideal place for a good afternoon chill with friends over coffee and brunch. This might just be my FAVORITE café (pretty garden-like exterior, neat interior with dark black tones; GOOD FOOD and service) in JB, after Bev C!

coffee signature_5

Address: 53, Jalan Serampang, Taman Sri Tebrau 80050 Johor Bahru (Google Map)

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-930pm, Sat-Sun 12pm-1130pm; Closed on Wednesdays

Link: Instagram / Facebook


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