Koone – Via Tokyo Lookalike Softserve at Johor Bahru JB

Koone, which can means ‘Cone’ or “kun” (aka sleep in Hokkien, which I always feel after a heavy meal), had opened their doors at JB last week! Situated 2 doors away from The Replacement and right beside TIP – The Icecream Project, it’s not easy to miss it.


Painted in bright neon pink colour with a huge swinging door at the entrance machiam like some big hotels, the double storeys building boosted a huge and brightly lited interior, splashed with bright colours and grey walls.


The menu (1/2) offered 3 selection of softserves in a bowl with lots of ‘liao’ aka ingredients, it resembled the Hong Kong version of Via Tokyo (Read: Here) . If you prefer a more dramatic experience, the softserve in a cup with dry ice smoking everywhere will be a big BOOMZ.


We see service crews running up the stairs with a dry ice spraying into their eyes from the softserve cup, just because the effect will only last 30 sec and they will have to deliver the cup to the customers before the effect ‘kooned‘ (went to sleep).


The basic softserve (Vanilla, 66% Dark Chocolate, Matcha, Yogurt) in a double cup (one to hold the softserve, the other to contain the dry ice) will cost RM 10, SG$3.33. A Little Fancy Cup (RM 14, SG$4.67) would contain extra ingredients such as cookie crumble, mocha balls, berries and chocolate corns.


We loved the Basic Dark Chocolate (RM 10, SG$3.33) which performed a little smokey magic before it ‘koon-ed’. Rich, creamy and smooth chocolate and not overly bitter even though it could be a little icy sometimes. Pretty worth the price for the gimmick and the treat.


The Matcho (RM 22, SG$7.33) with matcha softserve, Japanese dango (aka 汤圆), azuki red beans and cereal cornflakes didn’t seem that ‘macho’ (aka robust) to us. This Via Tokyo lookalike didn’t have the distinct matcha taste and not as rich and creamy as we expected it to be.

The cereal and azuki red beans made it more flavourful with an added crunch though.


The pretty interior with hipster youngsters would probably attract more of the younger crowd. Can’t wait to be back to try the remaining flavours.



Jalan Dhoby, 80000 Johor Bahru (Google Map) (10min from JB customs)

Opening Hours: 1pm – 10pm (Mon-Thu), 1pm – 12mn (Fri-Sun)

Link: Instagram  / Facebook

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