Teng Tea Dessert Cafe – Bingsu, Shibuya Toast, Milk Shake At Farrer Park

Teng Tea Dessert Café may seem promising at a glance, offering all the trending food this year. Think Bingsu, Shibuya Toast, Milk Shake (Instagrammers alert!)


Setting up at populated Rangoon Road opposite Old Hen Coffee Bar which were known for their Cold Brew, this quaint, white café would probably attract some attention.


The bingsu will cost between $8.90 and $12.90, a tad cheaper than other Korean Bingsu cafes out there, but this one is not purely Korean style. Shaved ice was used instead of shaved milk, so the taste is not as rich, probably like a refined version of ice kacang (at 3 times the price)

tengtea5We had the Aiyu Love Passionfruit ($8.90) which tasted like an upgraded version Chinese cheng teng. Shaved ice was smooth and refined, and the toppings were light and refreshing, but not that Korean-ish.



The Shibuya Toast ($12.90) was probably the highlight since it looked huge and pretty. Came with 2 scoops of Meiji milk ice cream and some almond flakes, it might be more suitable for the sweet tooth.


The toast were golden brown with uneven crispiness, slightly buttery, but could be one- dimensionally flat. The good thing was that the outer crust wasn’t as tough as those at Dazzling Café and could be eaten. (Minimise wastage!)


Overall, it was pretty pleasant but would need more tweaks to have an identity.


Address: 89 RANGOON ROAD, Singapore 218375(Google Map

Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon-Sun)

Website: Facebook / Instagram

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