Lola’s Cafe – New Space, New Menu

Aloha Lola! Lola’s Café always reminded me of their Honey glazed Paprika Wings and I was often turned off by the long queue previously. Now with an expanded space just next door, the queue was greatly shortened and this calls for another visit there.

Zooming in to their menu, we went straight for the new dishes – Plated Desserts, and 3 of them in total! WOW!


Starting with our favourite – Odd Fellow ($7) with passionfruit curd, basil ice cream ,cereal crumbs and baked meringue.

Sounds like a weird and Odd (as their name implies) combination to have basil ice cream in it, but the overall taste was light and refreshing. a great end- meal dessert and probably a tad small for sharing.


The French Toast ($9) tasted like our usual Jiang-tao-lou-ti that my parents would have for breakfast with milk and bread. In this case, milk ice cream and brioche toast.

A tad sweet with the maple syrup and would be good if they allow us to pour the amount we need.


The Debbie ($10) was the most interesting among the lot. Named after one of their staffs who ALWAYS drop the food she handled, we ended up with her mess, I mean creation. A beautiful mess.

Peanut Caramel ice cream, oreo cookies, sautéed caramel bananas and peanut brittle. For the peanut butter lovers out there, but we loved the crunchy caramelised bananas most.


Interesting plated desserts but could be a tad small for sharing, a slightly bigger portion would be wonderful!

Address: 5 and 7 Simon Road, Singapore 545893 (Google Map

Website: Facebook / Instagram

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