The Plain Jane Cafe – Not so plain afterall!

We had a not-so-plain afternoon spent at neighbourhood Plain Jane Café last weekend and enjoyed the time at the vintage themed café with an abundance of food styling/decoration props. Every corner of the café makes a perfect angle for pictures – marble tables, wooden rustic furniture and patterned floor tiles.

the plain jane 4

The table with decorative props!

the plain jane 3

by the window seat

Menu is plain simple with fresh cakes selection (seasonal), brunches and light meals and pairing of coffee or Ette tea with it.

the plain jane menu


We had the croissant with scrambled egg and bratwurst. The croissant, in particular is worth a special mention – crispy on the outside and flaky buttery layers within!

the plain jane 6

lemon cake

the plain jane 2

Cold Udon – a filling portion that tasted light on the tastebuds

I can’t emphasize how much I love MATCHA. (Matcha Desserts in Hong Kong)  Excited I was when I saw that the NOT-SO-PLAIN swiss roll available that day was matcha swiss roll. Rich and dense matcha cream with a hint of bitterness, the way I like my matcha to be!

the plain jane 5

MATCHA Swiss Roll

The owner, Jane was friendly and we enjoyed the conversations with her. We really love this plain space for creativity and can’t wait to go back for more of their not-so-plain swiss rolls (earl grey and thai milk tea)!

the plain jane 1

Address: Block 221 Serangoon Avenue 4 #01-10 Singapore 550211 (Google Map)

Opening Hours: TBC


Link: Facebook  / Instagram


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