Uma Uma Izakaya Restaurant & Bar Opens in Millenia Walk!

Uma Uma at Millenia Walk is an Izakaya-Ramenya restaurant that comprises of grilled yakitori with cocktails and drinks by Horse’s Mouth and Hakata Styled Ramen. The restaurant, originally from Japan,  is of modern chic vibes and has traditional Japanese décor that makes you feels transported once you step in.

uma uma 2

There’s a variety of Yakitori to choose from and they are reasonably priced at $2! It goes without saying that the Butabara (pork belly) was our favourite among the rest of the Yakitori. The slightly charred butabara has a good balance of lean meat and fat, that melts at first bite.uma uma 5

The Nankotsu (Chicken Bone) was of special mention as it has a chewy texture, but might take you a while to slowy savour it.

uma uma 6

There’s option of Kushikatsu (breaded and fried) too. Not the healthiest option but the juicy pork loin/scallops (NOT oily) encased within breaded crust could be a delight to fried food lovers! You might like to have the kushikatsu first when served as it turned a little soggy after a while.

uma uma 3

uma uma 1

We love the thick, sweet and tangy made-in-house tartar sauce as it goes very well with the skewers, and practically everything even when paired with just rice!

We also had the Ramens: Uma Uma Ramen – Chasiu, spring onion, black fungus, spicy miso, egg ($14) and Mazesoba – Spring Onion, Bamboo shoots, leek, chilli oil, onsen egg ($14).

uma uma 8

uma uma 9

This dry version of Uma Uma Ramen is similar to the chinese version of wanton mee, with a japanese twist. We preferred the Uma Uma Ramen over the Mazesoba as the tonkotsu broth was rich in flavor and milky.

uma uma 10

There are drinks to go along with the bar bites and skewers as well – sakes, cocktail whiskey and beer. The heavy thunderstorm and downpour in the late afternoon these days intensify my cravings for a hot bowl of ramen and Uma Uma at Millenia could be a cosy and quiet hideout from the wet weather!

(This was an invited media tasting)

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard #02-06 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 1130am-230pm, 530pm-12am; Sunday 1130am-230pm, 530pm-10pm

Link: Facebook / Instagram





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