Chir Chir opens 3rd outlet at Chinatown Point!

Chir Chir 치르치르 3rd Outlet sets foot at Chinatown Point, yay as it is so much closer to my workplace. I am sure this gives many working in the CBD an excuse to come here with colleagues for a sumptuous lunch. And yes, I am going to tempt my colleagues to have lunch here!

chir chir 8

Korean Fried Chicken with BEER!


We have the crispy fried chicken ($26.90). The chicken used was fresh and sauces were imported from Korea to ensure consistency in flavour across Chir Chir’s outlets worldwide. The skin was crispy and the meat was tender-fresh, what makes this dish remarkable is that it is not oily at all. I personally like the chicken with the sweet and tangy honey mustard sauce.

chir chir 1

Garlicky Chicken / Spicy Chicken Wings ($28.90 for 7 pieces) The garlicky soy chicken smells exceptionally good as it comes with crunchy garlic flakes which makes the whole dish addictive. But I heart the spicy one more as they were lip-burning good and the sweet spicy chill evenly coated over the sweet potato cubes and fried toppoki packs hell-of-a-punch! 맛있어요~~

chir chir 3

Mac & Cheese $9.90 – macaroni covered with soft cream and cheddar cheese. We wished that it was more cheesy though!

chir chir 2

NEST SNOW ($32.90) – Tower of spicy cajun chicken tenders on a bed of potato puree in cream sauce with a swirl of freshly whipped cream and shavings of parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar make us go WOW when presented. We really enjoyed this dish still as all my favorites such as CHEESE, chicken and broccoli are mixed in a hot plate of cheesy cream sauce.

chir chir 4

New on the menu are the Vampire Killers ($28.90) – stirred fried dry garlic in sweet & spicy sauce. Surprisingly, they did not turn out as spicy as the spicy ones.

chir chir 10

Vampire Killers!

We also had spicy BBQ roasted chicken where the marinated chickens were pan-fried such that it is evenly coated with sauce and accompanied with salsa, whole salt-baked egg and fluffy baked potato with sour cream, making it a hearty dish.

chir chir 6


chir chir 5

More roasted chickens


chir chir 9

Chir Chir at Chinatown Point, taking over the space of Eat at Taipei

Other two outlets at Somerset 313 and Bedok Point


Address: Chinatown Point #01-43

 Opening Hours: 11am – 3am

 Link: Facebook / Instagram



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