Salted Egg (molten lava) croissant at Seven Oaks Bakery Cafe, Johor Bahru JB


Following the hype of Salted Egg Croissant in Hong Kong (Urban Bakery Works) and Kuala Lumpur (Le Bread Days), Seven Oaks Bakery Café introduced their version of Salted Egg Liu Sha Croissant in their latest outlet in Jalan Serampang, Johor. There is just this magical effect of salted egg yolk that makes one irresistible and falling head over heels for!


SALTED EGG LIU SHA Croissant – a fusion of french croissant and the chinese Liu Sha Bao where warm molten egg yolk are stuffed in flakey delicate layered croissants.

seven oaks bakery cafe 9Located opposite Coffee Signature, Seven Oaks stands out with it 3-storey façade, boasting a bakery and café on its upper floors.

seven oaks bakery cafe 13

Other than bread, croissant and pastries, cake slices were also available for takeaway or dine-in. We spotted a variety of cheesecakes: Red velvet, lemon, and yoghurt and tofu sesame cheesecake.

seven oaks bakery cafe 1

croissants and pastries

seven oaks bakery cafe 2

sausage cheese epi!

seven oaks bakery cafe 8

We ordered the sesame tofu cheesecake (RM 16.90 ~ SGD 5.60), Chocolate Lava Bread (RM 3.50 ~SGD 1.20) and D’or (RM14.70) since the salted egg croissants were not available till 3pm when we visited at 1pm.

seven oaks bakery cafe 4

charcoal lychee cakes

seven oaks bakery cafe 3

chocolate orange praline

The sesame tofu cheesecake we had was pretty much a disappointment. It lacks the smooth jelly-like texture and taste wise, leans more towards that of tofu. The dollop of sesame sauce on top of the cheesecake did little to salvage the one dimensional taste.

seven oaks bakery cafe 5

The chocolate lava bread that doesn’t flowed. We regretted not requesting for it to be heated up!

seven oaks bakery cafe 6

D’or – richness of chocolate with a combination of texture with a hint of sweetness of the berries. While we liked how the addition of berries gave a tangy kick, having layers of chocolate ganache in the cake would make it a decadent afternoon tea indulgence.

seven oaks bakery cafe 7

It took us a little by surprise when the staff informed us that the salted egg croissants were available at around 130pm. This time we requested for it to be heated up and we anticipated anxiously when we sliced the croissant.

seven oaks bakery cafe 12

Molten warm salted egg flowing up within the buttery layers.

seven oaks bakery cafe 11

Texture of the croissant was crispy and the flowing egg yolk custard was smooth, but it was quite a pretty mess eating it! We enjoyed it despite the slight over-richness in buttery flavor. At RM5.90 ~ SGD 2 each, each salted egg croissant are pretty value for money and we would encourage you to try it to understand what the rave is about! (that explains the demand for it!)


*** Request for it to be heated up if you want a flowy salted egg croissant!


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Address: 134 Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Malaysia (Google Map)

 Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 9am – 930pm

 Link: Facebook / Instagram

How to go to Seven Oaks: From JB Sentral, purchase a taxi ticket to Jalan Serampang from the ticket counter and the rate will be RM10.90.

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