The Nomad and Beyond Plate – Pop up at Stirling Beauty World

Pop-up cafes seem the be the IN trend nowadays, and at Stirling, it’s a common spot for start up owners to set up a pop up to “test” the market. Café concept in the day by Ohana Café on weekdays and mobile café The Nomad on weekends, Stirling bar at night, more accessible with the opening of Downtown Line: Beauty World.


Food was served by Beyond Plate whereas drinks were created by The Nomad. The food menu consisted of All Day Breakfast ($12.90-$1890), Mains ($15.90), French Toast ($6-$8) and Sides ($7-$9).


We loved the Salted Egg Wings ($9) coated with curry leaves and Chili Padi, not in the least spicy, with a familiar tze cha style taste. The salted egg sauce was evenly coated and pretty addictive.


Everywhere also Chicken & Waffles ($14.90), and the one served at Beyond Plate had a shrunken chicken, deeply fried and coated with honey mustard cream. The skin was crispy to bite but the waffle could be improved with more fluffiness.


Our eyes widened when we saw Bagels ($13.90) served here with smoked salmon and herbed cream cheese. Not a common staple food here in Singapore, the bagel was unfortunately dry and hard despite the generous amount of cream cheese. Smoked salmon was pretty alright.


The Drinks menu sparked our interest, from bottled Cold Brew ($7) to Specialty drinks served in unique presentation. Even the menu was highlighted with the word “Instagram worthy”


The Mocha Fall ($5.50)with white and dark chocolate syrup generously smeared on the exterior of the cup in the image of a flowy waterfall could be a little tricky to drink without getting your mouth stained.

Smores In a Cup ($6 for hot, $7 for cold) with floating marshmellow that bubbled up and down at the slightest touch could be a funny sight. Interesting and pleasing to both our eyes and mouth.


Address: 15 Cheong Chin Nam Road, Singapore 599739

(Within Stirling) (Google Map)

Nearest MRT: Beauty World (2 min walk)

Opening Hours: Sat-Sun 10am – 5pm, Closed Mon- Fri

Link: Facebook / Instagram

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