Choo Choo Chicken 츄츄 Opens 3rd outlet at Pasarbella, Suntec City

I have forgotten the number of times I visited Choo Choo Chicken but this was my first time at the new outlet that opened 2 days ago at Suntec Pasarbella. (Read about my previous visit)

choo choo chicken pasarbella 8


They serve up the usual menus as the other two outlets, expect fried chickens (chicken tenders, balls, wing or whole chicken) and cham chi rice burger where tuna/spam/bulgogi with mayonnaise, sour crunchy kimchi are sandwiched between two rice patties. The chamchi burgers are our all-time favorite here and if you are a spicy lover like us, hesitate no further and opt for the spicy one!

choo choo chicken pasarbella 2

favorite flavour (spicy) wings!

Fried chickens here was crispy and the meat was tender-soft and juicy. There are two new flavors (honey soy and sweet & sour) introduced at this outlet. The honey soy tenders tasted similar to the soy-flavoured with an extra tinge of sweetness. The sweet and sour was rather imbalance in the sweet-sour ratio, leaning more towards sour and sauce could be more generous as well.

choo choo chicken pasarbella 3

honey soy flavour

choo choo chicken pasarbella 9

sweet and sour tender balls

This kimchi soup NEW here (add-on, $3), though looking plain, was a star itself. The feisty and comforting stew contains spam, pork belly that infuses the meat with flavors and spices. Definitely a good ending to a hearty meal at Choo Choo Chicken.

choo choo chicken pasarbella 4

kimchi soup

The menu at Pasarbella is more suited for the lunch crowds and there are options of choochoo set (wings + drumlets + rice + vegetables) or tender/balls if you want a fuss-free boneless meal.

choo choo chicken pasarbella 11

Menu (Main)

choo choo chicken pasarbella 10

Menu (Sides, Rice Burger)

choo choo chicken pasarbella 1

Choo Choo @ Pasarbella

Choo Choo Chicken @ Pasarbella Suntec City

Address: #01-455 North Wing

Opening Hours: 1100 – 2200 daily

Link: Facebook / Instagram

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