Truly Test Kitchen at Jun Jie Industrial Building

It was an excursion to the east (being westies) to this hidden gem near Tai Seng MRT on a weekday morning. Little did we expect the existence of a kopitiam tucked at level 7 of the Industrial Building serving congee, noodle, carrot cake, western and curry rice at wallet-friendly prices.

truly test kitchen 7

We had Curry Rice for three at $10 with side orders of pork belly, braised cabbage, braised raddish, pork chops and long bean. Out of which, we loved the pork chop and the braised radish. Pork chop was crispy even when cooled and the braised radish was cooked to a butter-soft texture.

truly test kitchen 6

From the Noodle Stall, we had the Curry Noodle ($3.50) which is not as spicy as it looks. We particularly love the handmade meatballs and how the napa cabbage added sweetness to the soupy gravy.

truly test kitchen 1

Yam, Pumpkin and Carrot cake, Mixed ($2) – the cakes were pan fried to a crispy golden and topped with spring onion and fried shallots, giving it an extra fragrance. It goes well with the chili or sweet sauce, or if you are like me, dip it into their CURRY!

truly test kitchen 5

This has got to be the cheapest chicken with waffles in Singapore – $4.50 and a a generous serving of fries. Fried chicken was juicy and crispy on exterior but we didn’t quite like the bland waffle. Well for $4.50 no complains lah!

truly test kitchen 4

truly test kitchen 3

The Fries!

We also had the baked cheese pork chop rice with curry ($4.50), likened to that of the Hong Kong Style Baked Pork Chop and Rice. The curry is spicier (the same curry for the curry rice) than the usual sweet Japanese curry and mixed well with melted cheese. My only gripe is that the cheese could have been more generous.

truly test kitchen 9

Stretchy Cheese

Since majority of the stalls are only opened after 9am and Truly Western after 11am, we suggest 11am the best time to go for a hearty comfort lunch where you could try all the stalls before the fervent lunch crowd strolls (rolls) in!

truly test kitchen 2

Address: 153 Kampong Ampat #07-05 Singapore (Google Map)

Opening Hours: 7am to 4pm; Mon-Sat; closed on Sunday

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