Zi Char with Modern twist at Keng Eng Kee (KEK Pandan Gardens)

We used to frequent the KEK Alexandra (it gets crowded these days) and their moonlight horfun is our must order every-time without fail. When we learnt about the newly opened Keng Eng Kee at Pandan Gardens, we paid a visit there a week before CNY since it is just a stone’s throw away from home.

KEK Pandan Gardens 6

Thai style tofu ($8) for a change instead of the usual hotplate tofu. The sour thai salad dressing sure whets up one appetite for a hearty meal.

KEK Pandan Gardens 9

I guess anything salted egg is in the trend and KEK has caught up with this trend with the introduction of the creamy salted egg soft shell crab spaghetti. ($15) Crispy soft shell crab and since the spaghetti is wok-fried, there is the distinct wok hei flavor.

KEK Pandan Gardens 3

Moonlight hor fun ($6) – wok hei infused hor fun with a raw egg and bits of pork lad. I don’t know which I like more, this or the Kok Sen Resturant Big Prawn Hor Fun with a spicy kick or both? Haha!

KEK Pandan Gardens 5

Potato grits squid – potato grits used for making mash potato is wok-tossed till golden brown with squid. We tried this for the potato grits sounds interesting but was slight disappointed as it didn’t had the crunchy texture as opposed to cereal. The potato grits texture was mushy and failed to leave a deep impression with us.

KEK Pandan Gardens 8

Coffee Pork Ribs ($15) – a savory and aromatic dish that alternates somewhere in between bitter-sweet. KEK’s version leans more towards the sweet and sticky side with a caramel-like glaze.

KEK Pandan Gardens 2

KEK pandan menu 1

kek menu modern cze char


KEK Pandan menu 2

kek menu traditional cze char


At KEK Pandan Gardens, we get to enjoy choices of both traditional cze char or modern cze char – local dishes with an innovative twist. For us, “old is gold” and we would stick to our favorite zi char dishes like cereal prawn, chilli crab with mantou and horfun!

Oh, and 人日快乐 and Happy Valentine’s everybody! 🙂

Address: 200 Pandan Gardens #01-12, Singapore 609336

Opening Hours: 1130am – 230pm; 5pm to 10pm

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