Ramen Keisuke Lobster King – Opened till 5am at Clarke Quay!

10 outlets, all same same ramen but different style, and no 2 Keisuke outlets are the same.

Ramen Keisuke Lobster King opened at the hipster and most happening part of Clarke quay, the place where office workers would chill after work. And the best part is, Lobster King opened till 5am in the morning for those in need of a hearty feast after a drink.

 A similar method of ordering was used across all Keisuke outlets: An order chit sheet for us to tick tick tick all the selection we want.

  1. Choose the ramen: Clear Soup ($13.90), Rich Soup ($14.90), Miso ($14.90), Spicy Miso ($15.90).
  2. Flavoured egg at additional $2, all toppings which include seaweed, bamboo, prawn wanton, deep fried prawn ball, pork chashu and chicken chashu at additional $4
  3. Choose the intensity of the taste and oil
  4. Choose the texture of the noodle

 Our favourite was the Rich Soup ($20.90) with all toppings which reminded us of a lobster bisque. Ramen broth wasn’t as jelak and yet we could taste the freshness.

Chashu was tender and not overly thick cut and the prawn wonton was smooth and silky, our favourite topping so far.

 For the spicy lovers, challenge yourself to a bowl of Spicy Miso ($21.90) with all toppings. Personally, we felt that the spiciness masked the freshness of the lobster broth though.

 The Fluffy Omelet Rice ($10.80) was a surprise to us. Fluffy yellow eggs on top of tomato rice with chunks of chicken in it was a delight.

The brown sauce used tasted like marmite with a savory punch which was different from most of the omurice in the market that used curry.

Probably a curry version would suffice the public who would prefer a safer option.

 Definitely interesting to see that there are more ramen base as compared to the usual pork and chicken ones.

Address: Clarke Quay – 3C River Valley Road, #01-07 The Cannery, Singapore 179022 (Google Map)

Opening Hours: 6pm – 5am (Mon-Sun)


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