Ramen Keisuke Kani King: Crab Broth Ramen at Orchard Cineleisure

Ramen Keisuke strikes again with their all new CRAB Ramen (cue for screams) at Orchard Cineleisure today,soon after the success of Lobster King that opened at Clark Quay 2 weeks ago!

 Located at level 1 of Cineleisure with a cosy space of 30 seaters, we spotted a brand new design in this outlet, since there’s no 2 similar Keisuke in Singapore, from menu to interior wise.

Kani (means crab in Japanese) offered 5 new ramen selection: Clear Soup, Rich Soup, Spicy broth, Kani Tama (fried omelette), Tsukemen (Dipping noodles).
A similar method of ordering was used across all Keisuke outlets: An order chit sheet for us to tick tick tick all the selection we want.


  1. Choose the ramen: Clear Soup ($12.90), Rich Soup ($13.90), Spicy broth ($14.90), Tsukemen ($13.90), Kani Tama ($13.90)
  2. Flavoured egg at additional $2, all toppings which include seaweed, bamboo, prawn wanton, deep fried prawn ball, pork chashu and chicken chashu at additional $5
  3. Choose the intensity of the taste and oil
  4. Choose the texture of the noodle

Our favourite was the Spicy broth with all toppings ($18.90). Unlike the lobster broth, the Crab ramen wasn’t as overpowering, yet there’s a tinge of seafood freshness.

Oishii! Not overly spicy to mask the taste of the broth, the combination was pretty spot on.


We loved the texture of the Kani Tama ($13.90) with a thick, fluffy omelette on top! The soup was creamier with a difference in texture with the omelette in it.

Strips of crab stick could be found in it, so it’s still technically a crab ramen haha.

 Something different at Kani King is the Tsukemen (Dipping noodles), made from 4 different types of noodles: thick, thin, straight, curly for a texture difference.

The dipping sauce was made from a richer broth and it’s not meant to be drank on its own. Instead, dip the noodles into it and SLURP LOUDLY as a form of appreciation.

Ignore the weird stares from neighbouring table though.

 Jio your friends there for a late night supper after movie in town, because they will be opened till 2am on Fri and Sat night!

Address: Orchard Cineleisure Level 1, Singapore 239695 (Google Map)

Opening Hours:

12pm – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm (Mon-Thu)
12pm – 3pm, 5pm – 2am (Fri)
12pm – 2am (Sat)
12pm – 10pm (Sun)

Link: Facebook / Instagram

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