Creamier opens in the West at Gillman Barracks

Do you get as excited as I am when I heard that the ever popular Creamier Ice Cream opens at Gillman Barracks? Believe it or not, this was my first time trying Creamier despite paying two failed visits previously to the Toa Payoh outlet because it falls on Monday (they were closed) and full house situation on a Sunday afternoon. Once bitten, twice shy?

creamier 3

And so it was their second day of operation, on 5th March Saturday ~3pm and I dragged my cousins to Gillman Barracks before popping by Out of the Cake Box to grab my Granny’s birthday cake. I guess I had this third time lucky, but not without a hitch – we managed to secure a table for 5 after a wait of ~15 minutes. It would be much better if they had a queue number system like Sunday Folks to keep things in order.

creamier 7

After reading reviews prior to the trip there, we zoomed in straight for their signature waffles with premium thai milk tea + earl grey ice cream and two scoops: Roasted Pistachio and Sea Salt Gula Melaka.

creamier 6

Their creamy earl grey lavender has a light floral lavender aftertaste and distinct french earl grey flavor. Waffle was crispy at every edge and fluffy on the inside without being too airy, I quite enjoyed it but the Hatterstreet’s waffle is still my top favorite.

creamier 2

The sea salt gula Melaka was an interesting flavor, different from the typical salted caramel. The coconut in the gula Melaka lends the ice cream a creamier texture, and the savory sea salt balances out the sweetness from the palm sugar.

In contrast to the raving review of the fragrant pistachio, we felt that the pistachio ice cream with bits of actual pistachio was not as rich and tasted stale.

creamier 4

creamer 1

We love the vibe of this new space that sits around 20, with the greenery as the backdrop and am sure this outlet would be just as crowded as the Toa Payoh outlet in no time.

Address: 5A Lock Road, Gillman Barracks Singapore 108927 (Google Map)

Opening Hours: Tue-Thu, Sun 12pm-10pm; Fri-Sat 12pm-11pm

Link: Facebook / Instagram

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